Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Slime Weasels

Today was tuesday. One of the busiest days of our week. Lots of things going all at the same time. We had to get eighteen people out for the AdSeg committe to see. It's a couple of the caseworkers and one lieutenant who see the offenders who are in our house and decide when they get out of our house. Sometimes they get to leave that day and sometimes they decide we need to keep them for another thirty days or so. I always love when we get to keep them for more time. It's never the ones who aren't any trouble. It's always the friggin rocket scientists we get to hang onto forever. It's the ones we can't get rid of in the first place. And for some reason when they go see the committee they are suprised that they aren't getting out and then they are pissed when we put them back in the cell. And we get to deal with their little temper tantrums while the committee members go back to their offices. I'm not blaming them, it's their job. As the tantrums are mine. It's just a fact of life in an AdSeg unit.

But that's not really the subject of this entry. We have a Gang Task Force Officer on our camp. Just the one. And she's supposed to keep track of all the different gang members we have and have had in our camp over the years. It's a daunting job and no, I don't want it. Every once in awhile she either comes down to our house to interview one of our offenders or sends for one to come up to her office. Lately we have had alot of offenders locked up in our house "Under Investigation for possible gang activity". That's never a good sign. That usually means that one or more of the gangs have amassed enough members in our camp to pose a possible threat. Usually when this happens it's one of the white hate groups. I don't know exactly why, but they seem to cause more trouble than any of the others. There's seven or eight of them in my house right now. I'm not sure what exact "group" they belong to and I don't care. Anyway, I had to get one of them out and escort him up to the gang officer for an interview. I hadn't paid much attention to this guy before. He'd never really caused me any problems so he managed to fly under my radar. But when I got him out and took a good look at him, the hackles on my neck rose. He had swasticas and lightning bolts tatooed all over him and the 18-14-88 crap (which I refuse to explain) and "skin head" tatted across his knuckles. While I was getting the shackles on him to take him out of the house someone in another wing called out to him and he turned and gave the nazi straight arm salute. The bile rose in my throat and I really wanted to do something I might get fired for. And when I dropped the little shit at the office I went in and washed my hands several times. The disgust was giving me the willies. It's amazing that just the other day I watched a man drinking his own urine and laughed about it and today this nazi slimeball managed to get under my skin. I guess it's a pet peeve of mine. These supremacists and nazis and skinheads and white power and "family values" pukes just make my skin crawl. I admit that when I was younger I thought the uniforms and the whole "world domination" thing looked kind of cool. But when I was older and learned what they had done I quickly changed my mind. In my opinion they are all sick, disgusting, diseased vermin and I rank them even lower in my esteem than child molesters. Genocide is an ugly ugly thing and living your life to hate and teaching your children to hate is one of the ugliest things of all. America was founded by people from all over the world and we were named the "melting pot" because we took all of these people and melted them all together to make Americans. And these sick slimeballs want to split america back into little pieces and get rid of the parts they don't find "acceptable." If it were up to me, everyone who wore a swastica or any other of the neo-nazi symbols should be treated as enemies of the state and confined in some dark nasty little hole where they would never see the light of day again. AMERICA - LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT They could all go back to germany, but you know what? They don't want them either.

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