Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A day off

Today was my day off. Sort of. At least I didn't have to hurry through reading the comics. Had to go out and move a buch of stuff out of the wifes workshop down to mine. Well, it was my stuff and it was in her way. It's only fair. Went out and started mowing the lawn. Got about halfway through and decided to finally take down the old swingset, since we don't have any little ones anymore. I had bought those dog tie-out screw things to anchor the legs down. Had to go to two different places to get them. Two of them were those flat blade type instead of the curly screw ones. Well the curly screw ones just unscrewed right out of the ground. The blade ones didn't. I put a piece of aluminum pipe through the thing for grip and twisted and twisted and twisted and they wouldn't unscrew. Then I got an old broken fibreglass shovel handle and tried to pry them out. Now the shovel handle is broken in two places. Finally found a sturdy chunk of oak I'd been making things out of and basically tore the thing out of the ground. Left a healthy divot hole, too. I was exhausted and hot by this time so I decided to lay off and finish the lawn in the morning. Well, about 7:00 I happened to glance at the weather and see it was going to be raining tomorrow, so out I went to finish mowing the lawn. Got done about the time it was completely dark. Now if I can just argue my son into bed before I have to go pick my daughter up at work so i can come home and go to bed, my day off will be complete.


  1. It's kind of sad to think that everything you buy for the kids will eventually end up as land fill.

  2. Too true. Especially with us, as we had foster kids moving in and out all the time. I'm going to try to find a new home for all the outdoor play equipment and the bags and bags of loose toys we have accumulated. Maybe we can run the 'round one more time before they hit the landfill.