Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Medical report

OK, once again, I'm going to go a little off-topic. It's pertinent, but only to me. Apparently, my arches are not collapsing, as I had feared. It was getting to where it hurt so much during the day that I almost couldn't get my boots off when I came home. I was beginning to think that I was going to have to get a job in a regular housing unit where I didn't have to walk so much. Yeah, I always had a spring in my step on the way out, but that's because I was on the way out. My feet hurt alot at the end of the day. The doctor took x-rays and said that he sees a bit of "arthritic buildup" in the joint of my right big toe. He gave me a 21 pack of this powerful steroid anti-inflammatory. I'm supposed to take six pills today, five tomorrow and so on. The first two made me buzz like an alarm clock, the seond two just prolonged it and I'm supposed to take two more before I go to bed! I guess there won't be any sleep for me tonight. Plus there's this thing taped to my right foot that has to stay there and not get wet for five days. Hoo boy is my foot going to smell bad after five days! But this might take the swelling down and the thing taped to my foot will help redistribute the weight a bit and then I can start using the inserts he gave me. If this doesn't help, then the next step is steroid injections into the joint and after that maybe surgery. I hope it doesn't go that far. I can't sit on my butt for that long and wait for it to heal. And they'll stick me someplace stupid like the mailroom until I get released back to full duty. Hell, I can make it down to the house on crutches. Just put me in the control room and I'll work up there. I can open doors on one side and the other guy can open the ones on his side. He's entertaining. He yells at people even when he knows they can't hear him. Old Navy guy. I should say "retired" navy guy. He has nothinbg to do with those preppy clothes. Anyway, hopefully I'm on the road to recovery and I won't have to lose my spot. Seems like every time I leave for awhile, they muck it all up and it takes me weeks to get things straightened out again.

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