Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I survived another day in the bubble. It was touch and go, there for awhile. I don't know how the regular bubble guy does that five days a week. Of course he stands up there and yells at people all day long. Usually with a smile on his face. Me, I did it without the smile. They were making me crazy. Just when I got what I thought was a chance to sit down or even go to the bathroom everyone would start running in all directions, usually wanting at least three doors open at the same time. I'd stand up there and say rude things to them even though they couldn't hear me. And I'm kind of a control freak, like my sister. I know how things should run and when I'm down on the working floor I try to run them my way. But up there all I can do is open doors (or refuse to open them) and occasionally holler through the intercom or put a note up against the window. I spent alot of my day yelling "No! You idiot! Don't do that!" and "What? Are you crazy?? Hell, no!" I was beginning to lose my voice towards the end of the day. The wife and kids can tell when I've been up there because I always come home a little hoarse.
The evening shift bubble guy got a bid out of the house and he's going to work the yard for awhile. That sucks. I'll miss his smiling face and his shiny shaved head lighting up the room. But I imagine he'll be coming down for coffee several times a night.
I can bid back onto evening shift in november. I'm thinking if I can swing it I'd like to work the yard a bit, myself. It's probably getting to be time for me to get away from the hole for awhile. Getting a bit burned out. Between that place and the stress at home it's starting to chew me up a little bit.
Today, by the way, is the Festival of Latest Novelties. I have no idea what this means. Can't find any sort of definition on the internet. But it's today. Enjoy!


  1. Best job? It all depends on what you want out of it. If you want chaos and excitement, you work in the hole. If you want exercise, you work the yard. If you want solitude, you work the sally ports or the perimeter car. If you want routine, you work education or medical. If you want a combination of all of those things, you work in a regular housing unit. The housing units differ as to the types of inmates so you can take your choice. There's even a few jobs where you really don't have to deal with any inmates at all. It all depends on what gets you through the day. There's a few people been at the same post for ten years or more. There was a guy who retired a few years ago that worked the bubble in a house on the other side of camp. He'd been in that same post for over fifteen years. I don't think he even knew how to find my house. Some people move around every six months. And a few are "utility", which means they go where they are needed and they are in a different place almost every day. They like that. I didn't. It's all in your preference and kind of a difficult one to answer. What's the best farm animal to raise?