Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Off subject, but a sore point

Thought I'd make a comment on something non-correctional for a change. I hope you forgive me, but this has been grating on my mind for a few weeks now. I used to be a huge olympics fan. When I was young I would watch everything I could, (especially womens gymnastics... wow) even the sports I wasn't really interested in. That avidity has waned over the years. I rarely watch any teevee at all these days. But I happened to be channel surfing one day and came across olympic fencing. I cannot recall ever watching this before. I was severely disappointed. I had always envisioned world-class style fencing as a real science. Maybe not the swashbuckling stuff they show on the movies, but at least a little style. This seemed more like two people slashing at each other with sticks. And each match only lasted a matter of seconds. I don't know if it was sabre, foil or epee. I know there's a difference. Didn't matter. These people had no style. It was just leap forward and slash and "Buzz! Point!" and it was over. I tried a fencing class one in my younger years and quickly learned that I have neither the eyesight or the manual dexterity for the sport. My feet have a mind of their own and are often at odds with the rest of my body. I dropped the class, with the teachers nodding aquiescence, after the first few days. It was necessary to get me out of there before I hurt myself or somebody else or before I ruined all of the equipment. I'd like to see olympic quarterstaffs or possibly broadswords. At least with those there would be a solid hit and no "touching". Phooey. Ok, that's all.

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