Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A New Toy

They used the shock sheild on an offender today. And the man was crazy enough that seeing it didn't phase him. He just backed up and got ready to fight. They gave him the opportunity to submit and come out peacefully and even after he saw that sheild arc across, he didn't give up. Like I said, crazy. He got thumped properly. Then they took him up and gave him a butt full of haldol in medical. That's what the whole thing was over. He was due meds and was getting out of control and refused to take them. We told the pshrink when he came in "This guy is whacko. Something needs to be done." So he went into the wing and came out five minutes later and said "Your'e right. I'll call and get him a shot." So they brought in a team with the new sheild and zapped him and brought him down and toted him off for his meds. We've had the sheild for about a month and everybody in charge was afraid to be the first person to authorize its use. I spoke about that in an earlier post. Wanting to make decisions as long as they wouldn't get the blame. "If this might possibly make me look bad, don't do anything." It's either that or "Oh to hell with it, just leave him alone or give him what he wants, I don't want to have to do the paperwork." Phooey. One good thing came out of it. Nobody else who saw and heard it go down wants anything to do with that new sheild. We may not have need of it again for a very long time. That suits me. I'm used to the chaos, but things like that upset my routine and get me behind. I don't ask for much, most days. Support me in what I do (when I'm right, anyway), and get the hell out my way when I'm doing my job. And that's all I got to say about that.

Opps P.S.-- The one thing I like the best about my boss. Not my Sergeant(s), but the other one. If something needs to be done, she makes a decision and gets it done. And if it goes bad or turns out to be wrong, she admits it and says "OK, that was my mistake. Let's learn from this." You go, girl! And I'm not just saying that because she might read this one day.

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