Sunday, September 7, 2008


Same inmate, different situation. After the last incident, we were told not to bring him out of the cell unless it was a dire emergency. He's been inventing emergencies for the last couple of days to no avail. Today he claimed he swallowed something that he shouldn't have. The nurse didn't believe him, but the Lieutenant did. So the Lt and one other officer got him out and shackled up and walked him all the way to medical where the same nurse saw him again. He gave him a stool softener and said "This too, shall pass" and sent him back to the house. We were expecting something to kick off any moment. Thats' the way he is. One minute he will be fine and then.... Here we were, all ready to watch this little old lunatic try to assault someone else and he just walked back up and into his cell without a peep. Go figure.

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