Friday, September 5, 2008

Early Morning Grouse

When I decided to do this blog thing I really wanted 10-5 dot blogspot dot com. Since 10-5 is "Officer Needs Assistance" it seemed more fitting to what I was doing here. But it was already taken. Went to look at what was there the other day. Somebody in Indonesia or somewhere (I can't read the language so I can't tell) has hogged up the page with nothing but a screenshot out of some anime cartoon and nothing else. Probably some kid who wanted a page but then didn't know what to do with it. So I'm stuck with 10-49 which, as I'm sure you all know (there'll be a quiz later, so pay attention!) is "Fight In Progress". It's also fitting, but not as good as 10-5 would have been. Phooey. Kids nowadays.


  1. Was 10-100 available?

    It's funny that the 10 code is still in use. It's probably 60 years old now.

  2. One day I hope to move back to Oregon. I'll probably end up in corrections there, too. It's a good paying job. And it's nowhere near as bad as my dad thinks it is. I hope they still use the 10 code. After all this time it would be difficult to learn a new one.

  3. Inmate quote of the day...
    " The only thing better then a dead C.O. is one that I own on the inside of the fence. It's a gift that keeps on giveing".
    PLEASE remember where you are and who has your back!!! keep it together and straight. STAY SAFE ALL