Saturday, September 6, 2008

Accentuate the Positive

I've heard a few comments, from my kids and friends, about why I only relate the negative things that happen at work. The fights, the crazy people, things like the new shock shield. That's the exciting stuff. That's the interesting stuff. The mundane things I save for the next shift coming on as I am headed out the door. When they ask how things went most days I just say "Nobody escaped, nobody died and none of us got hurt. It's been a good day." That's probably nine out of ten days at least. SOmetimes we have bad runs where it is chaos for weeks on end. Then people get hurt. We had two officers sent out to the hospital a couple of weeks ago over some guy who went nuts after coming out of his cell to see the nurse. He didn't want to go back and started to struggle. One officer smacked his head into a cinder block wall and sprained his ankle and the other threw out his back. Fortunately I heard the commotion and came in to assist. One other officer and I managed to get the guy contained and put away so the other two could get clear. That was before I started this blog or I would have written on it sooner. But I try, at least, to blog about the things that are interesting to me. That old relief valve sort of thing. Helps me blow some of it off. And it keeps my blog from being too boring. Unfortunately, I work at a prison and the exciting things that happen there are a little weird for the non-corrections folk. One day I'll tell you what really tends to amuse me there. It's disturbing.

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