Sunday, April 8, 2012

Writers Cramp

So I finally have the list of all of the people that I supposedly supervise on our shift. Since I am not full time in any one house, I am considered a "utility" Sergeant and therefore I get a share of the utility officers to supervise.

Of course the problem with that is that my two houses are almost always staffed with the regular officers, none of which belong to me.

All except Tilt, who works 25 house on my two days but is 30 house on my days off. He's mine. So all of the rest of my officers are utilities and I almost never see them.

And I am supposed to put entries into their files at least once every quarter. So I started printing them out the other night. Just a generic "Hey I'm your supervisor now" kind of thing with a "Keep up the good work" for good measure. And I decided to go ahead and put entries in for the people I only get to see two days each week in 10 and 25 as well. Just a kind of "Thanks for being there and doing your job" sort of entry.

Let's see.... Sixteen who belong to me. Four at 25 house. Eight at 10 house. Plus four more for the guys who backed me up down in the Hive the other night.

Good grief! Thirty two file entries! Oh my head....

Printed them all out and decided it would be nice if I signed them. What the snap was I thinking? Two copies of each. One for them and one for their file. Sixty four times I flipped a page and wrote "Thanks! COII Rev" on the bottom.

By the time I got to the last one I wanted to sign it "You evil swine! My hand is killing me!"

And now I am carrying around a packet of paper half an inch thick in my lunchbox until I can track them all down and get them to sign one to put in their files.

I'm willing to bet that next quarter I won't be quite as ambitious.

Tomorrow is Easter. And I'm sure it's a few other things as well. Like All Is Ours Day, Buddha Day and National Empanada Day.

I'll take that over chocolate bunnies any day!


  1. National Empanda day huh? Sounds like someones panda got empounded for having it parked in a no parking zone. I miss veri words. Those were fun, we need to talk to the blogspot people and tell them to bring back the old veri words!

    1. TJ- I tried complaining to them but they never responded. I guess since Google took over they no longer have to worry about the concerns of us peons.

  2. Nice Picture! ...And it turns out that Jack Torrence had been a guest at the Overlook Hotel all those many years ago!

    1. Bryan- You almost threw me there. Did old Jack ever finish that novel he was writing?