Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's All Interpretation

It's funny how one person can look at one thing and think one thought and another can look and see something completely different.

It's all about the interpretation.

We use that alot in our line of work. And it usually works well.

For example this evening I heard that a padlock had gone missing off of an inmates footlocker. If one of us finds an unsecured locker we take the lock down to the control room and lock it to the door. That way the offender has to come down there to get it back and we get the chance to chew their butt for leaving it open.

But none of us had taken it this time. Someone else saw it open and hid it just to be funny.

Unfortunately, the inmates second favorite weapon after the prison made shank is a lock in a sock. That is something that will get you all sorts of unwanted attention. And maybe 3-8 more years in prison.

We don't play around when locks go missing.

Femur was outside and I went out and said "Find that lock. Now. Tell them in no uncertain terms that if we have to go find it, we will consider it a weapon." He just smiled and said "Yeah. That should work!"

Amazingly enough, just a minute or two after that announcement was made, the missing lock mysteriously reappeared.

And I saw a few out of the wing looking at me during their next smoke break. One of them muttered to the guy next to him "Sarge don't play!"

Damn skippy. Not when it comes to getting my head knocked in. Or anybody else's for that matter. I only got one head and even if it aint so pretty, I'm kind of stuck with it.

It's all in the interpretation, pal.

Monday is going to be Winston Churchill Day and Name Yourself Day as well as Dyngus Day, Appomattox Day, Jenkins Ear Day and Chinese Almond Cookie Day.

Reporter: What do you call that hairstyle?
George Harrison: I call it "Arthur."

Name your dyngus!


  1. Ahhh, the power of words. Love it.

    1. TJ- And you would know. You're the word master! (grin)

  2. Nicely played, sir.


    1. Bryan- That is the power of image searching. I never know what I'll find...