Sunday, April 29, 2012

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

If you haven't noticed, I have a pretty strange sense of humor.

No... really. I do! (grin)

Some of the things we laugh about inside the fence would make people outside the fence turn green and run away. It's a defense mechanism. Some people get hard and calloused on the outside. Some of us just reflect it back in rather poor juvenile humor.

It helps chase the bugs away.

There's a select few people that I really "click" with when it comes to humor. Vinnie, Watcher, KP, Uncle T... a few others but those are the usual suspects. And now I can add Tilt to that list as well. The past few months working with him only a few days a week I've discovered that he's another one of those that has that same twisted streak and we will actually feed off of each others jokes and make them both worse and better at the same time.

Which is really good for us, but not so good for anyone around us. Miz Slim doesn't get our sense of humor at all. Lots of times she just says "Oh, Lord!" and walks away shaking her head.

Tonight Tilt left a note on my desk that said "HIMWFO- What does it mean?"

Completely perplexed, I wrote "Hairs In My White Flying Orange?"

That wasn't it, of course. Something about the letters in the days of the week that are only used once. Where he comes up with this snit I'll never know.

So all night long we were trying to come up with sentences starting with those letters like some weird acronym. Like:

Hey, Is Mister Whipple Freaking Out?

Honey, Is My Wig Falling Off?

Here! Is My Wife Flying Over?

Then we started mixing up the letters and it got much worse from there.

Old Man Farts Incite Womens Hormones.

Is My Horny Friend Working Over?

Believe it or not we did that for a good portion of the night. He'd go do a wing walk and come back, stick his head in my office and say "He Is Waxing My Family's Oscar." and walk away. Then I of course would have to come up with something else the next time I saw him.

We got our job done, but we had a lot of giggles in between.

It was a good night.

So Sunday is going to be National Shrimp Scampi Day, National Dance Day, Peace Rose Day, Pinhole Photography Day and Zipper Day.

Let's uhh.... keep those up, shall we?


  1. I wished I could be a fly on the wall, in your world. (just not the bathroom wall, mind you!!)

    Talk about making time go by quickly - nothing like quick wit and a willing accomplice.

    Up here, in the grey area of your map, I am celebrating Drive Two Hours to Pick Up Mother and Two Hours to Return Her Back Home Day tomorrow...or actually in eight hours. Yikes, I better hit the hay if I plan on being safe on the road.

    Well...May is almost here - I can get back to "stalking" you on a regular basis, again! That's worthy of being on your "list" don't you think?

    Cheers, Jenny

    1. Jenny- Do be safe on the road, dear. And get Mom home safe and sound.

      And I can't wait til you can start stalking me again. (grin)

  2. I do the same thing with long acronyms like that! My used daughter to get a fews days off from school for something called N.E.O.E.A days. After singing a few rounds of "Old McLea missed some school N-E-O-E-A", I tried to figure out what the letters meant:

    "Never Eat Off Elephant Antlers"

    "Nazis Enjoy Offering Equine Advice"

    "North Eastern Old Eunuch's Association"

    "No Eloping On Easter Allowed!"

    But most people around me just think I'm crazy (or incredible annoying) when I do that.

    1. "My used daughter", ho boy...ummmm, that ought to be "My daughter used to..."

    2. Bryan- I caught that. Took me a few tries to figure out what you really meant. It's too bad you weren't here with Tilt and I. We would have been in stitches all night long.

  3. Haven't I mentioned women fornication often?
    Help, I must write from observation!
    Hiding in mundane fear while offended.
    Finally I have offered my wife.

    2 min, top of my head.

    1. Vinnie- See? I knew there was a reason I kept you around! Inspiration!