Thursday, April 12, 2012

Passive/Agressive Bullsnap

I didn't really want to go into detail about why I was so aggravated the other night. Partly because I was tired and partly because I was so aggravated.

Don't blog angry. It's hard on your keyboard.

But I've managed to calm down and get some sleep, so I'm better now.

The Guy Who Is So Annoying He Doesn't Get A Nickname (shortened to merely "annoying" for ease of use) gets under my skin every time I have to work around him.

He's short, heavy, weak in body and personality, and he wants to be the Big Dog so bad that he can taste it. He tries to assert what authority he can on everyone around him and nobody takes him seriously. And when he tries to flex his muscles (figuratively speaking, anyway) he goes about it all wrong.

When speaking to offenders, he talks down to them like they are all two years old, in the same condescending voice you would use towards someone else's misbehaving toddler or perhaps a puppy. And when speaking to them face to face he does dumb things like jamming his hands into his pockets, letting them know through body language that he is making himself vulnerable.

And in dealing with other staff, he tries to be aggressive in all of the wrong ways. He tells fellow CO's "Go do this or that" and then gets all offended when they tell him to go stuff himself full of baloney. And when he has a supervisor in the house he will bombard whoever it is with the smallest stupidest questions. Ones he should have decided for himself.

He must have called me twenty times the other night.

"Sarge, I can't find this offender. I don't think he's in the house. Should I call for him out on the yard?"

"Sarge, the laundry workers tell me it's time to call for laundry now. Do you think I should?"

"Sarge, is it okay if I get my hair cut? Snack will watch the bubble for me. Is that okay?"

It wouldn't have surprised me if he called and asked "Sarge is it okay if I poop, or should I wait until I get home?"

I would have told him to wait. But that's just me.

And all the while he's bombarding me with these questions he's trying to order the wing officers around like he's actually in charge. And getting pissed off because they are ignoring him.

I've decided to start answering all of his questions with the same question in response. "Well, what do you think you should do?" And then critiquing his responses. Throw that passive/aggressive bullsnap right back in his face and make him decide for himself.

And I'm going to tell him to stay off the dang loudspeaker system unless it's really necessary. No point in letting him annoy the whole neighborhood.


  1. He Who Promises to Sign in One Day As AS saidApril 12, 2012 at 2:47 PM

    Sarge, Should I remain typical or go back to my offensive atypical self? "Well, what do you think you should do?" I don't know that is why I am asking you man!

    I'll spare you the poop permission for I am a grown ass man, thank you! :)

    1. Scott- Yes, you can poop all you want to. I don't want you to get all backed up.

  2. Posting in the middle of the day!?? You've shattered my whole world!

    Percy Wetmore sounds like a pretty rough case. Maybe you should put him out front for the Bitterbuck execution. But for Christ's Sake, make sure the sponge is wet!

    1. Bryan- It took me awhile to get around to writing that one.

      And yeah, Percy is him, no doubt!

  3. Bryan you stole my comment! Curses. That is why I don't want to promote. As a blue shirt I can still get away with telling him how I feel, if I were to promote then I would still tell him how I feel, but then I would have to deal with all the paperwork.

    1. TJ- Even now the paperwork is coming back to haunt me... I'm regretting it. Trust me.