Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Was A Little Worried

I was a bit worried over that use of force on Tuesday. Because it got a bit botched as far as communications went and because he had to go out for stitches I figured it would have come under extra close scrutiny.

And when that happens everyone who sees the tapes gets that "Back seat driver" thing going and they tend to over-analyze and criticize each and every part of what happened. That's when fingers start getting pointed and it just gets ugly from there. And there are a few of our higher ups who are famous for doing that sort of thing.

Not that I think we did anything wrong. What we did was totally justified and covered by policy. My guys functioned well as a team.... Even after I spattered them with pepper spray and then made them wrestle a lunatic.

But then, it didn't go perfectly, either. I take the blame since I was the supervisor. If there is really any blame to take.

For one thing, we should have tackled him while he was still down on the bunk instead of letting him get to his feet. That was a bad move on my part.

I was actually kind of flabbergasted that he stood up like that. It was just about the last thing I had expected. That made me hesitate.

And once I realized that my 10-5 call didn't go out, I should have tried again to call for assistance. Maybe one of those "ASAP" calls that always make everyone nervous.

And I definitely should have chewed on Porcupine a little bit for not calling for help when he saw us struggling with him. That's his job! But I'm just too nice, sometimes. Dammit.

See? I back seat drive myself. I don't need any outside help.

But anyway, I called Lt Sienna and he said it went through just fine. No kicked back reports, no questions. That took a load of worry off of my mind.

I could just see getting pulled into the Wardens office and hearing "Why did you bash that mans head into the heater vent?"

I didn't. But... **sigh**


  1. For "back seat driver" we also would have accepted "armchair quarterback"

    Sure surely these guys must see that things are a little different when you've got a lunatic lounging out at you from the darkness. I know, good luck explaining that to a bureaucratic mentality.

    1. Bryan- It's always the ones who have never done that sort of thing or worked behind a desk for years and have forgotten how scary it is that complain.

  2. I was wondering why he didn't call for help either but I won't be a Monday Morning Quarterback either. Everyone was ok and the inmate wasn't and that is all that matters at the end of the day. Hey, the new topic for the FCC page is, "heavy rains bring an unexpected visitor." I know it is short notice but it will be due the 12th so that I can get it posted before I leave for Fort Leanord Wood.

    1. "Monday Morning Quarterback" That's the one! That's about as accurate as it gets.

    2. TJ- Six days? Oh, my head!

      And Bryan- How about Monday morning back seat armchair quarterback?