Friday, July 29, 2011


Well, that's it. I am officially on vacation for the next two weeks. They forced me to work the Hive for my last day, but I survived anyway.

Actually I suspect the Lt thought he was doing me a favor giving me a 2-10 spot on my Friday. It's 50/50. Don't much care for working down there so much any more, but I do know the job and I can definitely fill the position and I don't mind getting off work early.

Earlier in the day I had a whole post written in my head about pure bone laziness and how much it pissed me off. Big M and I came in and found a bunch of things left undone and a bunch of things done half-fast and very poorly and we set about fixing them and making things right so that there wasn't a big mess when "our" crew came in.

But as the night progressed I just wanted to get out of there and go home so I could relax. The aggravation melted away into one of those "Oh well, what do you expect?" moods. Frack it.

That's my motto for the next couple of weeks. Frack it. They can clean up after themselves. Or not. Frack it.

I think I was getting a little burned out. Maybe I needed a vacation.

Not exactly sure what I will be doing on the blog. I imagine if I do anything exciting I'll post some pictures. But I've been toying with the idea of running a "best of" series of some of my old posts from way back when. That might be fun to go back and read a few of those.

Then again, it might be one of those "What the snap was I thinking when I wrote that?" moments. Who knows? I guess we'll find out together.

So, before I toddle off to bed, here's the rundown for the weekend. Saturday will be National Cheesecake Day. Oh yummy yum yum! Save me a big slice, please! It will also be Father In Law Day and Paddle For Perthes Disease Awareness Day.

Sunday will be Parent's Day, Shredded Wheat Day, National Raspberry Cake Day and Harry Potters Birthday.

Monday will be Friendship Day and National Raspberry Cream Pie Day. It will also be Girlfriends Day and Lughnasa , as well as Respect For Parents Day, Spiderman Day and US Air Force Day.

Enjoy! I will.


  1. Enjoy your time off...sounds like you will!

    I'm intrigued with this Hive you have to work in...and I think "Frack it" just about sums it up nicely! Great way to PG13 a word!

    Also...some older posts revisited would be awesome...pick ones that give me the inside scoop on the "prison words" you use! I'd be most grateful!

    And the pic of the kitty is adorable...great choice, sets the tone for the next two weeks - mellow and smooth!

    Cheers, Jenny

  2. For the next two weeks you could turn this into a specialty blog featuring nothing but photos of sprinklers in action. That seems to be the sort of thing that always gets picked as the Blog of Note.

  3. Congratulations on your vacation! WHEE for you!

    You needed a vacation. They seriously don't appreciate you guys enough.

    Awesome that it was National Cheesecake Day since today was coworker DeNominator's birthday and he chose cheesecake for his cake today! Yum for triple chocolate cheesecake.