Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Came, I Sat, I Sweltered

I was almost wondering if I would get to work today or not. Some days nobody calls in and they have more than enough people. I half expected Lt Strong to say "Well, we really don't need you after all. Go ahead and take today off." I would have been happy and sad.

But he was glad to see me and asked me to go down and work 30 house for the evening. I figured, for working a day off, that's not a bad place most of the time.

And for the most part, it wasn't bad. Do an occasional security check, take care of a small problem here and there.... count. That's usually the most you have to do.

Everything was fine until about 8 o'clock when the a/c unit pooped out. I'd been sitting in my wing office reading an old Field N' Stream magazine and after a while I noticed it was getting warmer and warmer and warmer..... Then I started sweating. I thought maybe it was because I had just eaten or something. But it just kept getting hotter until I couldn't stand it any more and went outside.

Suddenly it was a lot cooler outside than it was inside. Aw.... crabapples.

So we all sweated our butts off for the rest of the night. The only office with a window was the bubble so he got a little relief. The rest of us just kept rotating outside.

But, we all survived and that got me off of the overtime list for another month or so. Hopefully.

Now I'm going to slip into my "It's too hot to mow the lawn" weekend coma for one day.

Sunday is going to be Repeat Day. What? Again!? It will also be Compliment Your Mirror Day and Stay Out Of The Sun Day. I don't know about that ugly mirror but I'm all for staying out of the sun. It's hot!!!

Monday will be Old Maid's Day, Independence Day (of course), Independence From Meat Day (what? are you insane?) and Indivisible Day. Enjoy!


  1. Independence from Meat Day?? Is Peta trying to ruin my cook-out?

  2. I think Independence from Meat Day is either a joke or a poorly planned holiday. The only people who will act on that will be vegans and vegetarians. Everybody else will be eating hot dogs and hamburgers. (Except me. I detest hot dogs and hamburgers. But I do like my steak, thank you. And ribs (sans BBQ sauce, of course) and grilled chicken.

    As for the AC giving out...don't they have maintenance dudes out there? Hot inmates mean hot tempers and more fights which means more work for the already over heated employees!

  3. Sounds like you was hotter than two rats playing "Go Fish" in a wool sock to me. Glad I had the day off! haha

  4. Independence from Meat Day?!! If I told my hubby that one, he'd have a bust a blood vessel! Happy 4th to y'all!

  5. Bryan- Exactly! How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

    Chanel- They are fools if they think we're going without a cookout on the 4th. Well, those of you who didn't have to work nights, anyway.

    We do have maintenance guys on call but only for 'emergencies' and they wouldn't classify that as an emergency. It may or may not get fixed in the next couple of weeks, probably.

    FlyinMonkey- That's what I get for volunteering, right? I should know better.

    Lolamouse- If it aint meat, it aint food, in my book. Happy 4th to you, too!