Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Good, If Unexpected, News!

I took the day off from work because I had a doctors appointment today and my appointment was for 2:45, which is about half an hour after the time I usually show up for work.

I really do despise coming in to work late, even if it's planned ahead. Afterwards my whole day feels like I need to rush to get caught up. So instead, I scheduled the day off.

Besides, if the doctor said that I was going to require some sort of surgery I had a bazillion questions I wanted to ask before we went any farther.

So I get in there and he asks me some questions about what I do and how much I move my arm and where it hurts and whatnot. I explained about the popping noise and he moves my arm and makes it pop and says "Like that?" When I squeaked he said "Sorry."

He moves my arm around some more, his fingers feeling the tendons and muscles moving, then points to a couple of places and says "It hurts here, here and here, right?" I said he was right on the money.

He flips through my chart some more and says "Well, the good news is that you are doing everything right so far. Getting the x-rays and the MRI was a good idea. Keep wearing the elbow brace, use hot and cold packs and direct massage on the areas. Try to strengthen the arm slowly and give it lots of rest in between. It will either heal itself slowly or in the next say... three to five years you might need surgery on it. But not right now."

The Doc told me about what the surgery would be like if he needed to fix the tendon attachment to my elbow and told me three to four months recovery time on that and several months of physical therapy afterwards.

Yikes! Right now I have a little over four months sick time saved up. And if I had to spend three to four months not moving my arm or using my right hand at all (no jokes, please. I've already been there) I'd either end up dead, crazy or divorced or any combination thereof.

So the good news is no surgery. The bad news is that I'm going to have to let it heal on it's own. And he advised no more than two cortisone shots in a years time. So I could go get another one, since it's been seven months already, but I think I'll hold off. Wait until it's necessary.

Tomorrow it's back to work and one day closer to the weekend. And this weekend, if nothing else happens, I'm going to be finally replacing the old nasty carpet in my office with some nifty tile I found. I post some pics.

Wednesday is my comm room day. It's also Ugly Truck Contest Day. Mine is kinda ugly but it's no contest winner. It's also National Lollipop Day! (grinz at Sgt Uncle T)


  1. Good to hear that you do not need surgery. Don't know what I would do if I didn't have your blog to read, unless you was planning on hen pecking the keyboard while you recovered haha. Oh, messed with my settings this morning and found that I had my comments set that only bloggers could comment. Fixed it, now anyone can. So let Sgt Uncle T and anyone else who was having problems posting a comment. Thanks Homey!! and see ya tomorrow.

  2. Bummer about the arm...and no jokes forthcoming about hands.

    I was in a major car accident (three years ago) and had both hands in casts for three months...just go ahead and do the visual...so, you have total sympathy from me!

    Take it easy with the tiling...that being said, I'm looking forward to checking out the pics.

    Cheers, Jenny

  3. I tried my hardest to read the post in Prof. Farnsworth's voice in honor of that picture, but I couldn't make it more than a couple of paragraph's. I think his device may be defective (it wouldn't be the first time.)

    The part where the doctor popped your arm reminded me of when I went to the oral surgeon last December to have my fractured tooth pulled. The guy kept shooting this jet of cold compressed air on it, until I was about I was about ready to twist his manhood off. He gave me the same "Sorry, just making sure we got the right tooth." It's like, they sent the x-rays over to you, you numbskull. Plus the regular dentist had already done the same test. Plus I had been living with the darn thing hurting me for nearly a month. I had a pretty good idea which tooth it was.

    Geez, and they wonder why people don't look forward to visiting them.

  4. Is that your web slinging arm? I just want to be sure so I can feel safe at night, because we all know you are really Peter Parker.

    What??? I thought I would put my own spin to it!

  5. Scott, I'm starting to wonder if you're getting enough oxygen in that mask.

  6. Glad there's no imminent surgery for you! No taking big swings at the inmates for you, I guess.

  7. FlyinMonkey- I would have to learn to type left handed. That would really really suck bad. Glad you fixed your settings. I was starting to get lonely in your comment box!

    Jenny- I can't imagine going that long with both hands in casts. I haven't been stuck with a cast for almost 25 years now. I'm hoping to make it another 25...

    Bryan- I can't get past the "Good news everybody!" without breaking down and giggling.

    I think he was actually sorry he hurt me. But then I had already told him that i work in a prison and slam people for a living. maybe that had something to do with it.

    Scott- You weren't supposed to TELL! ReMEMber? Augh! Now we may have to move again...

    Bryan- Can you do anything with him?

    Lolamouse- I guess I'll have to stick to tripping them for awhile. I can do that...

  8. Better start saving up that sick leave, Rev.