Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Pretty Good Day

It was a pretty good day down in the Hive.

Even the knuckleheads couldn't get me down. They'd yell obscenities at me and I would zing them back with "Yo Mama" cracks so fast it would leave them speechless.

Unprofessional, I know. But I didn't care.

It was my second to the last down down in the Hive and I was determined to have a good day. And I did.

Nothing big or crazy happened.

We didn't have to run our legs off.

Everything anybody said tonight was funny. And Drew making the frog face while he was telling us a joke left us in stitches.

And of course Chucky entertained us with his musical farts all night long.

Those are always a big hit with us.

Nothing much to write about other than pretty much nothing happened.

If tomorrow is half as good it will be a great way to wrap it up.

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