Thursday, July 1, 2010

That's A Wrap!

I guess I can say that everything went pretty well for my last day down in the Hive. Better than I had expected, for sure. As Drew so aptly said, it was bittersweet.

I half expected everything to fly off the handle and spend half my night doing paperwork.

So glad that didn't happen.

BG and I did some rec. I saved almost an entire page to make my last epic entry in the rec book.

And I found this little dingus on the floor in the office. It looks like a corner from one of our employee handbooks that someone cut off. Maybe three quarters of an inch square with a staple in the middle of it.

That crazy critter in the back of my mind said "It looks just like a tiny book! I'll write in it!"

And I did. It took me most of the night sitting out on the rec yard in between getting up to let the knuckleheads in and out of the cages to fill the thing up in my tiniest handwriting. I wrote about the people I have worked with in over half a decade of working Adseg and how they affected my life in different ways.

Between that and the rec log I spent a good portion of my night doing paperwork, after all.

My hand hurts.

But I have a three day weekend to rest back up before I start my new bid.

Hopefully I will have some fun and different things to write about.

Mostly I think I'm just going to be startled about how different it is.

We'll see.

Be careful out there.


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