Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Security Issues

A couple of months ago some dimwit knucklehead in the Hive threatened to shank someone with a chicken bone.

Thereafter it was decreed that when they serve chicken quarters out on the hill, the Hive would get those small hockey puck-like chicken patties instead so there would not be the bone problem.

OK, I can live with that. They did it to themselves.

Today my lead food service worker came in and announced "We were supposed to have tater tots with the fish today. But someone said we are only getting sliced or mashed potatoes down here from now on. They say it's a security issue."

WTS? How can tater tots be a security issue?

He replied "They can clog up their toilets with the tater tots so they won't send them down here anymore."

How in the......

What the......

Whose brilliant......

Awwww...... snap.

Next thing you know they will be pre-cutting their food into bite sized chunks. Heck, you could dry out one of those chicken patties for a couple of days, sharpen the edge on the concrete and cut somebody's throat with it!

Next thing you know someone will get stabbed with a flour tortilla and everything will go to hell.

And of course, they recognize neither sarcasm nor irony.

Security issues....... pfui!

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