Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hearing Voices

BG and I have our spots out on the rec yard where we like to sit. I sit to the right of the door, leaning up against the fence and he sits to the left against the wall. That way I'm facing away from the sun and he can lean back into the shade of the building, if there is any.

Unfortunately, That puts my chair right in front of the window for C-7. Not close enough to get spit on or anything (but it has been tried) but close enough that they can see me clearly and hold a conversation.

There have been some really strange conversations take place out of that window.

Take the other day for instance. One of our frequent fliers from the wobblehead house was in there on suicide watch. As a matter of fact, he's the one I keep getting subpoenas for that they keep canceling the court date. Yeah, that guy.

At any rate, he was complaining that he never did or said anything, they just put him on suicide watch for no reason! I looked in his file and while they were locking him up he stated "I'm going to either hurt myself or make you beat my a*s every single day." Go figure. Sounded just like something he'd say.

I could tell he was off his meds again. Every time he gets off them he starts talking about other people hurting him. That was the one thing he always fixated on when he started paddling around in the shallow end of his brain. Other people were hurting him and he always ended up lashing out at someone over it. That's usually why he ended up in the Hive.

He said: "They kept hitting me with their keys, man. Taking my flesh off right to the bone. I don't know why those C.O.'s kept walking by and hitting me. They just kept doing that and I couldn't take it no more. Mother fu*kers kept shooting me with tracers and putting things in me and sucking out all my blood."

Hmm... yup. He's off his meds again!

And all we can do is keep urging him to take them and hope he will land back on this planet again in a day or two.

I'm trying really hard not to get into a tussle with anyone until my arm heals back up again. And I sure as hell don't want to get involved in another court case with him.

After awhile, I just moved my chair so he couldn't see me anymore. Couldn't take too much of that rambling, if you know what I mean.

Some days I almost wonder what it's like to talk to normal people.

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