Monday, June 7, 2010

I Won The Toss (I Think)

Well, I would have written about this last night, but Blogger was down for the count. That made me cranky like nobodys business, let me tell you.

By Gawd when I get something for free, I expect it to WORK!!!

I'm like that.

Anyway, after mulling it over in my mind and fighting myself about it all weekend, I decided. And Sunday when I went in, I dropped a bid on a utility job. The one with Fridays and Saturdays off like I have now.

I think it's time. If you have any objections, talk to KP. It's all his fault.

I must have talked myself out of doing it a dozen times over the weekend and came up with all kinds of excuses why I didn't want to leave the Hive. Even when I had the bid sheet half filled out I was trying to delay it. But I was stern with myself and dropped it in the box.

Often I am my own worst enemy. But hey, at least it's someone I know.

It will be a minimum of two weeks before I find out if I got it or not and another two weeks after that before I actually go anywhere else. So another month in the Hive. And then they have to put my spot up for bid and go through the whole process again to get someone back in there and guess who they tend to send in to fill empty slots?

The guy that just vacated it, of course. Who knows better how to work that post?


Maybe in two months or so I can get into this utility thing and relax a little. Go places where they don't expect me to know anything once in awhile. Kick back and let someone else make the decisions. Get out from under the microscope.

Of course I don't really know how to do anything other than work the Hive. It will be like coming out of the academy all over again. I'll have to learn new things and work with new people.

Besides, it will be sort of fun to watch and see who ends up with my job. I hope it's someone with their head on their shoulders and not up their hind end. BG has a low tolerance for stupidity.

In the meantime, I do feel better having made the decision. At least that part of it is off of my mind. The rest is in the Majors hands.


  1. I had a similar decision to make when I gave up the dispatching job for the Wall St job. Taking a $15k a year pay cut weighed heavily upon me, but carrying around too much stress made the decision easy for me. So, I feel your pain.
    Will you still have good wobblehead stories for your regular readers?

  2. Utility? Climbing poles or digging gas lines?

  3. I liked being a utility and I had F/S off. It was a blessing and a curse. The blessing was not having to work with the same people for more than a day or two in a row. The curse was never being 100% familiar with everything...and having to keep your own coffee on you. It is about time you left that hive!
    ~Ms. Dorothy

  4. Joe- Now that I made up my mind, I'm content with it. There are plenty of wobbleheads out on the yard. I'm sure I won't lack for tales.

    Guy- You one funny bunny G.I.!

    Ms. Dorothy- I think it was time too. I played utility for awhile before. It's a pain, just in a different place. It'll give me something new to write about.

  5. i wish you the best