Sunday, June 20, 2010

Actually, I'm Nervous

Hopefully tomorrow the new orders for the job bids come out.

Provided, of course, the Major comes in to work.

And provided he feels like messing with making up the orders and assigning the jobs.

I'm kind of nervous about it.

I haven't worked anywhere but the Hive for the last six years. I don't really know how to do anything else. And I haven't set foot on B-side in well over a year.

I hope it's still the same as it was the last time I was over there.

But I don't remember any of the procedures for working the sally ports or driving the P-car or working in medical or laundry. I don't remember which keys I need for which post and what they go to.

And what if I don't get either one of those bids? Then what will I do?

Wait another two weeks and try again, I guess.

Pfui. This is worse than waiting for Christmas. It's like knowing I have a dentist appointment on Christmas.


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