Wednesday, June 2, 2010

He Tempted Me

Ran into KP again this evening. He was doing the mail run.

It isn't hard. You load all the mail bags onto a golf cart and drive around the camp. When you get to each house, you call on the radio and they come out and get their mail.

Easiest job on the camp.

He tools up to the Hive on his little golf cart and says "You ought to try this utility stuff! All you have to do is drive around and look cool! Nobody expects you to know or do anything. It's a piece of cake!"

The last thing he said to me before he drove off was "You ought to try this for awhile! It will do you alot of good!"

I think it was the wide relaxed smile that got to me.

All night long while I was dealing with infantile knuckleheads listening to them scream and kick on their doors and curse me and demand this and that, his smile stayed in the back of my mind.

All of the times I have threatened to leave the Hive and run off to a safe quiet house somewhere else are catching up to me again and I am left in a dilemma.

Could I take safe and quiet? Would the boredom make me cranky and crazy? Or would I just get fat and lazy and slip into a comfort coma?

I couldn't handle that.

But he surely did tempt me. The ba*tard.


  1. If you want boredom...might I suggest a cushy position in my new house? I guarantee total mind numbing boredom within the 1st 30 minutes.

  2. Rev, you wouldn't be bored where ever you work. I find enough to keep me busy but without being under the microscope. But, like I told you, I do miss the place.
    Well, you MIGHT get bored on the top floor of Peggy Sue's house.

  3. Peggy Sue- Me loose in your house might be bad. About as bad as me being in the treatment house. I'd be stirring up trouble.

    KP- You've got me thinking, dammit! My head hurts....

  4. The Hive is an addiction!!!! I left, thought I could do without it,look where I am now. I need HELP!!!!!