Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Somebody Else Got Hurt

They were locking up some knucklehead from up the hill from us yesterday and he got stupid. All he was going down for in the beginning was getting loud and belligerent in the sally port.

At first, anyway.

They put cuffs on him and he stayed loud and belligerent. CC and Spanky and somebody else were escorting him and it looked at first like he was just going to be loud, which we can live with. Loud and mouthy is just small stupid.

Then he got big stupid.

Right before they got to the gate he tried to pull away. They called a 10-5 and knucklehead got a close up and personal interview with COI Concrete. It apparently didn't do his face any real good.

So they got him back up and pretty much under control physically. But since he was still being loud and stupid (sometimes they just don't learn, do they?) they decided to skip going through medical and take him straight to the Hive.

About ten feet from the Hive gate he got big stupid again and tried to turn and spit in CC's face. That got him another visit from COI Concrete with an assist from Sgt pepper Spray all over his already banged up face. I'll bet that stung.

And this time while he was on the ground he started kicking and managed to kick Spanky in the side of the head before they managed to slap some leg irons on him.

So knucklehead went on down to the Hive and Spanky went to the hospital.

Instead of just going down for creating a disturbance and maybe getting ten to twenty days, he is now up for assault on an officer and might realize another eight to ten years on his sentence for his little investment.

And he is sitting in a cell by himself in a house full of officers who think the world Spanky and think this snaphead has absolutely nothing at all coming.

What a fool.

Ol' Spanky came back later to get his violation read. He seemed okay, other than being stiff and sore as hell. They didn't seem to think there was any permanent injuries, thank Gawds. Hopefully he will be back to work pretty soon. I don't think they'd survive long out there on the yard without him.

It brought the lesson to the front of all of our minds again.

This is a dangerous place. And we need to watch each others backs all of the time.

Let's be more careful out there.


  1. Ooooo pepper spray in an open wound. Not optimal.

  2. Anon- It depends on which side of the spray can you are on. If you are on the receiving end, then no. However, if you are the one holding the can whatever combination causes the most discomfort can be considered optimal. And quite satisfactory.

    Squiddly- Indeed.