Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's All About The Choices You Make

I've always tried to urge the offenders to realize that they are making the choices that put them in the predicaments they are in. Especially in the Hive. Almost exclusively they put themselves in there for doing something stupid or getting involved in something stupid.

I don't know why I even bother.

They either ignore me or they are too stupid or immature to get it.

I just keep hoping a little light bulb will come on inside one of those tiny brains and I won't ever have to deal with them again.

Then I would get some brand new twit to take his place, I'm sure. We are never short of customers.

I've been thinking alot about my own choices the last couple of days.

KP and his big easy grin woke me up a little to a few of the people who work here that aren't stressed out all of the time. That was on my mind all last night.

And when I came in today there are new job bids up on the board and I believe I saw a utility bid with my same Fridays and Saturdays off.

I'm seriously thinking about it. I'll mull it around this weekend and decide when I come back.

I will let you know, of course.

In the meantime, here's an interesting little conversation I had with an offender tonight. This guy came down to the Hive on Close Observation status and he's been on the same status for a couple of weeks now. All he has in the cell is a foam mattress, a blanket and one set of clothes. That's what they get. The guy has been no trouble on our shift or any other that I know of. I've hardly ever heard him even speak. He's just there in a camera cell, sleeping for the most part.

I open the chuck hole to give him his cheese sandwiches and cookies for dinner and he says to me:

"CO, I want to check in."

Perplexed, I glance into the cell to make sure there's nobody in there except him. And I ask "Check in? From who?"

He says "The people."

"What people?"

"The population. I want to check in from population. I want to stay here."

A little light (see above) comes on in my head.

"Oh, I get you. Well to do it right you have to write a note. And to get pen and paper you have to get off Close Obs."

He starts to look a little stricken. "I can't check in then?" I thought he might cry.

So I said "Just wait til the psych comes to see you again. Make sure you tell them. They'll take care of it."

He smiled a big smile and said "Okay, CO! Thanks!" And went off to eat his sandwich.

That one almost had me. I half expected to see someone else in there with him.

Egad. I think I do need a break.

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  1. You won't realize how much stress your under in that place until you actually leave. Sure you might have an idea, but trust me, life is so much better away from the hive. I can't even stand bringing people to that place anymore. As soon as I hit the door my entire mood changes. Get out for awhile, You'll see. KP is right. - Chaos