Saturday, June 2, 2012

Too Much Company

Too much company in my house tonight. All at freaking once and after work when I'm used to the house being quiet and having it all to myself.

At one point we had both kids one daughter in law and all three grandkids milling around at the same time.

Holy snap.

So whatever it was I was going to write is completely gone. Along with any hope of getting to sleep before 2 am.


Saturday is going to be National Rocky Road Day, National Bubba Day, Yell "Fudge" At The Cobras In North America Day (really?) and Pencil Day.


Cobras or no.


  1. Yell "Fudge" at Cobras!? What are they trying to do? Get us killed?

    1. Bryan- Yelling fudge at them keeps them away. But it only works for the North American cobras.

  2. Tiring as it may be, I hope you had loads of fun with all that is special. Have a wonderful weekend, Jenny

    1. Jenny- Some day maybe I will spin you the long sad tale of my family. But not tonight.