Sunday, June 10, 2012

There Wasn't No Freaking Fire

Jeez. And here I was thinking it was just going to be another boring day in 25 house, where hardly anything ever happens.

I guess that's what I get for thinking, eh?

Hadn't been in the house but a few minutes. Just long enough to get a pot of coffee going when they called a Code 70 over in B-Dining.

That's a fire alarm, in case you were wondering.

I'm most of the way across the camp and I wonder briefly who is here that can get to it.
No, he's off today. No, he's not here, either. No... No... No... He's here but he's further away that I am.

Snap! I have to go.

Out the gate and through. Hey! Someone left a golf cart unattended. Sweet! Snagged that sucker and drove the rest of the way. They were frying potatoes on the griddles for chow and the smoke most likely set off the detector. No fire. Just smoke.

I no sooner 10-6 it when Lt Stringbean calls me. I know what he wants. Paperwork on the alarm. Yeah yeah. I tell him I'll get to it when I can.

I get my paperwork written but don't send it over yet.

About an hour later when we are halfway through count one of the offenders up in D-wing passes smooth out on the floor. A Code 16 (medical emergency) gets called. I run through my wing to count and toss my count sheet to Miz Slim and rush upstairs.

He just passed out. Not really sure why, but he's okay now.

Since we are so close to the sally port, we get to go process vehicles through when they come in on our shift. About 6:30 Tilt and I are out in the sally port processing a vehicle inside when we hear a noise.

A dang fire alarm!

Tilt looks at me and then at the house.

"Is that us?"

Snap! Race into the house and start chasing the offenders out. Some were asleep. Some were in the shower. One guy was halfway through a haircut.

Chase 'em outside anyway. Wet and hairy.

Trot all the way up to the top and start working my way down, checking. Five floors up and six down, counting the basement. Nothing! No fire.

10-6 that one. Tear up my old memo and write a new one about two fire alarms.

About an hour after that I'm sitting in my office when the alarm goes off again. It's a good thing that sucker is loud because I said some really unprofessional snit right about then.

Chase them all out again. Then all the way to the top and back down checking for a fire.

Nothing, of course. 10-6 that one.

Tear up the newer old memo and write another one about three fire alarms.

Just about the time I think I can sit and relax....

"Raccoon Station to all radio units.... Lock down and prepare for a name and number count!"

What the snap? An hour and a half early?!? Oh... snap.

I never did find out what that was all about. But apparently nobody was missing.

And I spent the rest of the evening waiting for the other shoe to drop and wondering what it would be this time....

So glad this night is over.

Sunday is going to be National Yo-Yo Day, Alcoholics Anonymous Founders Day, Ball Point Pen Day and National Iced Tea Day.

I like my yo-yo's with lemon and sugar, thank you.


  1. Rough night, but look at all the excellent exercise you got :-)

  2. Shirley- There is that. Lots of cardio that night.