Sunday, June 3, 2012

His Name Is What?

I was sitting in my office on the computer looking at the computer version of our newsletter. There's a column every month about the people who get hired and fired or transferred.

There was one name that jumped out at me in the new hire list.

I just sat there and wracked my brains and said "I know that name..."

It was very distinctive. I won't say what it was exactly because....

Well, you know.

Anyway, it was a name you would remember mostly because it had a unique spelling of the first name. Just for snits and grins I'll say his name was Jawn Dillinger. And it really bothered me when I saw that name on the new hire list.

Leaping into action, (figuratively) I got on the AS-400 system and typed "Jawn Dillinger" into the offender database. And got results.

Out of the entire state, how many people do you think ended up in prison with the name Jawn Dillinger?

Two. And one of them had been down in the Hive a couple of times while I was working down there. That's how come I remembered him. The other one got out of prison back in 1989.

I really do hope there are at least three people in this state with that same funky name.

And I do hope that this new one isn't related to the other two.

What are the chances?

Sunday is going to turn out to be Repeat Day. Repeat Day. (grin) As well as Children's Awareness Day, Chimborazo Day (any help with that?) and National Egg Day.

Repeat Day.

I just hope it isn't a repeat of today.


  1. Don't you guys do any kind of background check?

    1. Joe- Yes, we do. Sometimes I have to wonder how thorough they are considering some of the people they hire, though.

  2. So you're saying that a former prisoner might possibly be coming to WORK there!!?? That doesn't sound good at all.

    1. Bryan- Well, apparently, he's not. As I find out in the next comment.

  3. He is the father of the inmate you remember. Seems to have his stuff together though. He was a deputy sheriff before he came to us.

    1. BK- Thanks for the breather there. I'm sure someone will tell him the story of how he freaked me out.