Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trash Bags

I usually don't post "personal" stuff here. I figure my personal life is my own to deal with.

After all, I started writing this mainly as a means to vent my frustrations at work, of which there were many at the time.

Anyway, here's something personal that's getting to me right now. I hope you aren't too offended or dismayed.

Eons ago, in a galaxy far away... the wife and I became foster parents for the first time. Our ultimate goal was to adopt a couple of kids to call our own. That did and didn't work out so well, but that's another story entirely.

Over the years we had a lot of different kids in our home. Over the on and off space of about ten years we had forty or fifty different kids staying with us. The shortest stay was overnight. The longest was a couple of years.

At one point we had eleven kids in our house at the same time. That was horrible.

Anyway, each time they brought us another kid they brought us most of their stuff jammed into black plastic trash bags. Not luggage or even cardboard boxes. Just a pile of black plastic trash bags.

I always thought that was kind of a sad commentary on how kids were being treated.

When they left us we tried to at least send them on with some halfway decent cardboard boxes to keep their stuff in. It was the least we could do.

Our house has been completely kid free for the last couple of years now and alot of the old scars were fading and I was really enjoying the peace and quiet. I was becoming a hermit and liking it.

This weekend our adopted daughter shows up with her two little girls. They'd lost their place and needed somewhere to stay until she got back on her feet again.

We couldn't say no, of course. And we can't afford to rent her an apartment. So what choice did we have, really?

Now once again, after numerous trips back and forth to pick up her stuff and bring it all here.....

There's a large pile of black plastic trash bags in my garage full of toys and kids clothes. And strange kids sleeping in our guest room again.

And one day soon something either good or bad will happen and they will go away.

I'm really starting to hate black plastic trash bags.

Okay, I'm done. Just had to get that off of my chest.

Tuesday is going to be Old Maid's Day, Audacity To Hope Day, Doo-Dah Day (The national salute to silliness) and National Cheese Day.

Doo-Dah... Doo-Dah...


  1. You're a good man, Rev and Miz Rev. We had Chuck and Nicole stay with us twice for a while when I was still married to the ex. I did get to see the grandbabies every day, which made me happy. And we helped out.

    1. Joe- I don't mind helping out now and then. But I had gotten really used to my peace and quiet, if you know what I mean.

  2. This little peek into your private life was quite revealing: You have a kind heart... who'da thought it?

    1. Donna- Let's just keep this our little secret, okay?

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I use white plastic trash bags, dad.

    1. Vinnie- Next time we're moving in with you. Son.

  4. We have spoken briefly about this before (I still have that post sitting and waiting to be submitted so you know)and you know how I feel about the fostering and adoption thing, so you also know I have great respect for you for being able to open your home to strangers like that.

    To do so again, when the stranger is not so strange but adds more strangers to a strange situation, well that is just as strange, for people like you are few and far between. A good man indeed. I think I could do that again and put a few more "strange" in there to make the over comment beyond strange, from a stranger such as myself. Methinks. :)

    1. Scott- It's seems like it's just another one of those situations in my life when I end up saying "What the snap was I thinking?"

      And oh, strange indeed.

  5. "...alot of the scars were fading..."
    The only difference between you & Jesus is that he was crucified only once.
    Well, at least you got to be a hermit for while anyway. Ask any 90 year old man,
    what it's like to be alone & I'm sure your answer would be in the form of tears.

    I love this quote: "Love is a sacred reserve of energy; it is like the blood of spiritual
    evolution". Hang in there. Got a feeling it's all gonna turn out good this time, grim black trash bags & all...

    Fracking trash bags. Pisses me off that the government never provided luggage
    for your Foster kids. Even Otzi the Iceman packed a backpack & leather bag on his
    final journey into the Alps. Just another cold reminder that we should live our lives
    as a revolution & not just a process of evolution.

    1. noisyfrogpond- I think I'll stay my usual curmudgeonly self and if things work out good then I'll be happy.

      Bur from now on I'm only using white trash bags like Vinnie. They're smaller, but I don't care. (grin)

  6. Now you love bedtime for an entirely different reason, huh? Ahhh....listen to the quiet...

    I agree with the above comment. Trash bags. wtf? I know there are alot of kids in the system, but really....government can do better than that.

    1. Amy- Bedtime is the best time in the world in my house.

      And really, the government can't pay for enough case workers to cover all of the kids in the system. How could it afford to buy them luggage?

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    1. SEO -
      Do you know this couple?
      Are they your friends?
      No? Then get the frack out of here &
      mind your own damn business.
      They already have a garage filled with bags of toys & kids clothes.
      Go solicit your crap somewhere else.

      The man isn't asking for or wanting anything.
      He's just -sharing- what's on his mind.
      Which is what writers do.

      signed: loyal stray guard dog that
      probably should never have
      been fed-

  8. Put a leash on that stray dog he just bit someone hahaha

    1. T.J
      You wrote the most beautiful & heart-warming post today, on your 'They Won't Get Us' blog.
      I'll say silent prayers for you & 1138th Sapper Co., every morning & night until your safe & happy return.
      God Speed!

      PS ~ Please not the leash. I hate those.
      I'm really scared he's gonna run me off this time. sniffle

      Signed: Just a poor ol' dog on the side of the road.

    2. Thanks guys. It's good to know you have my back. But really, I could have just deleted the comment. But then you wouldn't have gotten the chance to have so much fun with it.

      And just so you know... If I put you on a leash it wouldn't be to run you off... But I'm not going to mention spankings again.

  9. I think most adults have had to stop in at their parents house once or twice for longer than either party would like. I know I have. But as long has you are the parents who welcome the "brief" visit, all will be well. :)