Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Not Good News

Got some bad news today. Sgt Uncle T is in the hospital.

I knew he'd been sick for almost a month. The same bronchitis and associated ick that had all of us down for the past week. It's just hard to kick those lung ailments when you smoke.

He was at work yesterday and seemed okay. Looked and sounded fine. Gave me a bunch of grief just because he could.

Hey, we're guys. It's what we do.

Anyway, he didn't show up today and they held Miz Sgt Wildcat over from day shift. I was wondering what happened.

It wasn't until later in the shift that I heard he was in the hospital. From what I hear the bronchitis turned into pneumonia and other associated problems.

He best get his big butt better and come back to work soon. Too dang hot for me to stay out on the yard. I'm spoiled. I need an office with air conditioning.

Tuesday is going to be Make Sgt Uncle T Better Day.

And National Dry Martini Day, for criminy sakes.


  1. So ya gonna quit smokin'?

  2. Sweet. Just what I need, another reason to drink. (some dry humor for that martini.)

  3. Anon there reminds me of the people I used to run into when I smoked. You couldn't let out the slightest whisper of a cough or even clear your throat without them needling you about smoking. You could send a sip of pop down the wrong pipe and get all choked up over it hacking your brains out, and they'd be right on hand with one of their brilliant witticisms like, "Smoke another one, why dontcha!"

    Guess what Anon, we've all heard smoking is bad, but thanks for reminding us that you're a better person.

  4. Oooh snap! Let's not start a fight here.

    Critter, Bryan.
    Bryan, Critter.

    Since she is my sister I let her get away with that.

    Now if you want to fight, let me get out of the way first.

    1. Yeah, I guess your sister gets a pass.

      I just remember all too well when people used to do that to me all the time. I think she just hit a nerve and sent me into some kind of PTSD smoker's flashback.