Saturday, June 23, 2012

Took A Sick Day

I did actually call in sick today. For several reasons.

My flu is getting better, but I'm having a couple of negative side effects from the antibiotics. Mainly having to run to the bathroom every five minutes.

I'd actually gotten dressed and had all my stuff piled up on the table ready to go. And just as I was heading out to the door I got cramps in my guts that sent me scurrying back to the bathroom, sweating.

When I managed to get out of the bathroom about fifteen minutes later I thought "Frack it. I have almost five months worth of sick leave saved up. I'm going to use a day."

As an added bonus, we moved our daughter and her two kids out into their own place today so i got to have the house all to myself for a couple of hours.

Peace and quiet.... Ahhhh................

Snap, that was nice.

It still remains to be seen if I will post next week or not. I'm in recert training and I'll be up early. And you know what that does to my disposition.

We'll see, I guess. Maybe I will learn something. Who knows?

Sunday is going to be Museum Comes To Life Day, International Fairy Day (don't go there), Log Cabin Day and National Pralines Day.

You went there, didn't you?


  1. Yes, if you're really sick, by all means, take a sick day and don't regret it for a minute. Sick days are the only GOOD part about being sick.

    1. Bryan- For once I didn't feel guilty. It felt good.

  2. I have 218 hrs of sick leave. Last year I took 6 hours.

    Congrats on de-kidding the house. I figured you'd have them there at least a year.

    1. Critter- Thanks. We are so relieved. Somebody wouldn't have survived a year. Maybe me.

  3. Sick as a dog...and you put up a picture of a kitten. Most awesome.

    Is it flu season already?

    Because cricket season came early and with a vengeance and it seems like the whole world had descended into madness. If you get sick, we'll all get sick! It will be anarchy! Viruses running rampant through out the world!

    1. Chanel- I couldn't resist the pic.

      Cricket season? I didn't even get a chance to play! (grin)

      And don't worry, I use protection when I blog.

  4. With that much sick leave you should never feel guilty about calling in sick. Granted, when I gave a shit about my job I did feel guilty when calling in, so I didn't too often. Now, well, I'm not that worked up about it. Having the sweats and the poops is a damn fine reason to call off.