Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Running On Empty

Whew. Lawsy. I have to stop and think about what I'm writing here. It's difficult.

Some real bad storms blew through last night. Part of the storm system that hit us also did some pretty major damage to a town not too far away and killed alot of people.

Lucky for us it split in two and we got passed by on both sides. But it was a close thing.

Something about last night got me all squirreled up. Had strange crazy dreams about some of the stupidest stuff. My dogs have fleas, so we put flea spray on their beds. Now the dogs won't sleep on their beds because they smell like flea spray. Should we wash them or throw them out and get new ones?

I couldn't decide! It was becoming a huge issue and driving me crazy like the freaking tell tale heart or something....

What the freaking holy mother of snap was that all about?

The dreams woke me up at 3am, about two hours after I went to sleep. Tried to go back to sleep and tossed and turned for an hour. Then, just as I was dropping back off again, the wife's alarm clock went off and scared the snap out of me. I almost fell out of bed.

And after an adrenaline rush like that I knew I wasn't going to sleep anymore so I just went ahead and got up and got my first cup of coffee.

It has been an




I sure as heck aint fifteen years old anymore. Back then I could go days without sleep. And I'd be fine. Today I'm lucky I didn't pepper spray myself. Tonight I keep losing track of what I am writing in mid-sentence. I have to keep looking at what I've just written and go "What?".


Tonight I don't care where the dogs sleep. They can nestle amongst the fine china for all I care. Curl up in the Cadbury Eggs or build a freaking couch fort and have a camp out.

I'm going to bed.

Oh yeah, the calendar. Tuesday will be National Escargot Day. Mmmmm... freaking snails. Yum. It will also be Brother's Day and Hug Your Cat Day. I don't know how apropos it would be to hug your cats brother or even to hug your brothers cat, but there you go.

Just don't hug any snails. That's just nasty.


  1. I'm totally hugging my cat today! Now if I could get them to hug each other....

  2. People always say when they were younger they could stay awake for days. I believe them and all, but when I was younger I needed my sleep just as much as I do now, maybe even more.

  3. I think you should wash the dogs instead of throwing them out and getting new ones. That just seems wasteful. Har Har Har. I'm a little tired myself. Who am I kidding? I'm a lot tired. The worst part about this time of year is that I can't hardly sleep in the heat.

    Also, bringing up Cadbury Eggs after the season for them has just passed is just cruel. I love those darn things and I'll have to wait another year to have one.

  4. I've always been one to need my sleep. I remember as a teenager being able to sleep like 12 hours straight. Now if I manage to get five, I'm doing fabulous!

  5. Maybe you are subconsciously concerned that with the high flea populations this year your dogs will catch them and then be allergic to them and have horrible allergic reactions that will cost you a lot of money at the vet and a lot of time and energy fixing only to then find out that there were no fleas and they just stay there sometimes before dying. Maybe, just to keep yourself from worrying about it again, you should just check your dogs for fleas.

    I'm sorry it's been a long day. Or it was a long day yesterday apparently but not now because it's already Tuesday...

    And I messed up Escargot Day because I ate Sushi. Don't worry, I'll never eat it again. I learned my lesson.

  6. Amy- If you can get them to hug each other, get a picture! You could be the next Icanhascheezburger.com winner!

    Doug- back then I could stay awake for days or sleep for days, depending on which one seemed more fun at the time.

    Bryan- You are probably right. Don't want to waste fairly good dogs even if they are flea bit.

    Asha- I usually manage to get between six or eight hours. Sometimes. If I sleep too much now I get just as cranky as if I hadn't slept at all. What a rip!

    Chanel- Actually my dogs do have fleas and we are combating the problem. In wakefulness, it's bad but not as big an issue as it was in my dream. That was ridiculous. I have eaten both escargots and sushi and care for neither one of them. Yuck.