Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blogger Down!

Rotten Blogger was down for maintenance when I got home last night. I didn't know that until I had already taken my meds.

I had finally decided on something to write about. Since it was another fairly boring night in the comm room my options were open. If I decided to write about that it would have been really short and fairly simple.

"Man! It's freaking hot up there!"

And that would have been about it. Either the a/c is broken or they haven't turned it on yet. In the Control Center, which is just down the stairs, you can get it cold enough to see your breath. Ms Odd usually wears her coat at work when it's 90 degrees outside. I suspect sometimes that those pink cheeks of hers are due to long term frostbite. And the reason Sgt Puddle is so skinny despite his massive sugar intake is that he burns off all of the caloric intake shivering.

But less than fifty feet away and half a flight of stairs up I'm sitting in a room with probably somewhere over a hundred thousand dollars worth of sensitive electronic gear that works and lasts alot longer when it's cool, there's not a breath of a/c coming out of the vent. We have to buy and borrow and steal fans to keep ourselves and the plastic of the equipment from slagging down as we are vainly trying to keep them working at all.

And people have the temerity to come up the steps and bitch at me because it's hot. Let me tell you Lunchmeat, there's a reason they put that wire mesh across the door, and it aint for security. I'm sure I won't be the first one up there to snap from the heat. It's to keep me from pulling some idiot through that little hole and pounding them into oatmeal.

So I guess I had something to say about that after all. I don't think that was what I had planned last night when I got home but for the life of me I can't remember exactly what it was going to be. I really should take notes or something.

All I know for sure was that I had a picture of Dave Barry saved in my file. Exactly where I was going with that, I can't quite remember.

Hopefully it will come to me again.

Today is Limerick Day. It's also National Nutty Fudge Day and Odometer Day.

"A blogger who worked in a prison
Tried now and then to give his readers a frisson.
He wrote about twits
And unrepentant little sh*ts
Deciding to make that his life's mission."

Give me a break. I've only had one cup of coffee.


  1. Is "Lunchmeat" another cast member in your menagerie of characters, or just one of those terms like, "buddy" or "chief" or "jackhole"? I suspect that it's the latter, but you never can tell.

  2. Bryan- It's just a generic handle. If I'm in a good mood I use "Lumpy" and in a bad mood I use "Lunchmeat". If I'm feeling puckish and a bit cryptic, I've been known to call somebody "Socrates" or even "Robespierre". Makes them slam on the brakes and look at me funny.

  3. Dave Barry?

    Never heard of him. Didn't even ring a bell when I clicked the link for the Wikipedia page. It says he won a Pulitzer Prize, and I had to study lists upon lists of Pulitzer winners for Literary Criticism (as the captain, I had to know more than everyone) and I still can't recall anything about him.

    And I'd remember a face that funny looking.

    People complain about the heat too much. Tell them to nut up or shut up, in the words of Tallahassee from Zombieland.

  4. Chanel- he wrote a humor column. Started out with the Miami herald, I think, then got syndicated. Funny guy. Juvenile sense of humor. Much like mine. He was my hero.