Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday The Thirteenth!

Hokey smokes I thought it was going to be an epic 13th. Started out with Blogger down, of course. Couldn't post and couldn't read..... I almost started to hyperventilate. It's a dang good thing I have lots of books as backup entertainment sources.

Got in to work and the first thing I hear was that there was a stabbing this morning on B-yard. Inmate on inmate. No staff involved, fortunately. Only minor injuries. They were still looking for the perpetrator(s).

From the way I heard the story I'm almost willing to think that he did it to himself to try and get somebody else locked up. It wouldn't be the first time.

We were all standing outside central, having gotten there early when they suddenly came over the radio and closed the yards. As we stood there wondering why they closed, the tornado sirens started going off. I rolled my eyes at Sgt Uncle Buck and said "Oh snap, here we go!"

Fortunately there was no tornado. The storm passed over pretty quickly but they never reopened the yards. Just left them locked down until after count time. So we got an hour and a half or so of slack time to just hang out at dining and wait for count to clear. That was nice.

The skies were still looking a little menacing and the Fireman said "Just you wait. As soon as they call mainline, it will start raining. It never fails."

Sure enough. Just as soon as count cleared and they called mainline so we had to go out on the yard to watch the movements, it started raining.

It rained all through chow and off and on until after we left for the evening. I kept watching the sky. One layer of clouds was going one way and another layer was going another. Never a good sign. But we lucked out.

Friday the 13th started with a bang and ended with a soggy whimper. I'm not complaining. I got wet, but I made it out in one piece and that's all that counts.

So Saturday will be National Dance Like A Chicken Day, International Migratory Bird Day, National Letter Carrier Food Drive Day, Underground America Day and Stay Up All Night Day.

Stay Up All Night Day. That makes no sense whatsoever. Grammatically, anyway.

Sunday will be National Chocolate Chip Day (Yum!), International Day Of Families, Nylon Stockings Day (hmmmm...), Pizza Party Day and Armed Forces Day.

And Monday will be Wear Purple For Peace Day, Biographers Day, National Sea Monkey Day and Victoria Day.

And I'm calling it a day before Blogger goes down again. Nite!


  1. Stay up all night day? Check. I got that one covered, at least. Now off to sleep.

  2. Why would you stab yourself just to get someone else in trouble? That seems pretty stupid since you're the one who winds up with lacerations.

    Surely there are better ways to go about it.

    Our Friday the 13th wasn't bad. Thursday the 12th was awful, though.

  3. My first marriage began on Friday the 13th. It didn't end well.

  4. I'm celebrating Sea Monkey Day. I guess I have to take off work. Darn.

    Are you sure it isn't Sea Monkey week?

  5. I caught the guy who supposedly did it at lunch on Saturday. A guy in the hive got him to say in a round about way who it was. No one bothered passing the word along to 69 until I saw him there. Info doesn't make it as easily from A to B as it should...

  6. There's an award for you on my blog.

  7. Aren't sea monkeys just brine shrimp? Is there another day for brine shrimp? My mom would never buy me sea monkeys when I was a kid. I still resent it. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment.

  8. Bryan- My thoughts exactly.

    Chanel- Take an already disturbed mind, pump it full of drugs and throw it in a prison. Not alot of coherent thought processing, some times. I've seen it happen. Apparently it wasn't self inflicted this time, though.

    Brent- It's considered unlucky for a reason, apparently. Just be glad you weren't a Templar.

    Doug- I hereby proclaim this National Sea Monkey Week! tell your boss I said so.

    Drew- Some people there treat information like it's their own private stash. I'm glad you caught the guy.

    Lolamouse- Hee hee hee! I put in your name and my spell checker gave me these alternatives... Lola Mouse, Lola-mouse, Polygamous, Longhouse and Glamorous. Sorry, that just hit me funny. yes, sea monkeys are just brine shrimp. Little water bugs that look nothing like they do on the package. And you can still get them if you really want some. tell your mother I said it was okay. And you are quite welcome. Bryan sent me there. You are a much better writer than I am, in my opinion. I'm just comic relief.