Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mock Disaster Was A ...... Disaster

We were supposed to have a state-wide earthquake disaster drill late last month or so and they cancelled it because of severe weather.

I guess that they assume that disasters only happen during the day when the weather is nice, I guess. Like half the freaking state isn't already a disaster area what with all the flooding...

So they counted early and kept the yards closed and all inmate movement to a minimum. They held a few people over from midnight shift and called in our E-squad for the extra manpower.

Their scenario was that a large quake hit us. Somewhere around a 6.5 magnitude. Multiple buildings collapsed and there were dead and dying and injured all over the place. And later aftershocks took down most of the buildings that were still standing after the first one.

All of our big chiefs sprang into action and were directing people here and there. Usually at odds with some other chief who had just told people to go somewhere else. There was mass confusion and, from what I hear, we were really lucky somebody didn't get actually hurt.

I got all of this second hand. Luckily it was all over by noon while I was still outside mowing my lawn.

The upshot of it was; if a big one hits, we're screwed. Nobody has a solid clue of how to react to something like that. All we can do is hope it doesn't happen.

And on that note, I'm checking the calendar and going to bed.

Thursday (my night on the yard) is going to be Frog Jumping Jubilee Day. It's also Boys Club Day and May Ray Day. Whatever the heck that means.

I looked it up. It's a day to celebrate the warm summer days and it is also a celebration day for anybody named Ray. Kind of a two-fer, I guess. Huzzah!


  1. Why do guys named Ray get their own day? Speaking for the non-Ray population at large, that does not seem fair.

    The results of the earthquake test were scary. When are you going to take over that place and get things running smoothly?

  2. Isn't it funny that kids in school always seem to do perfectly in fire drills, but adults never seem to be able to get these things right? I wonder why that is.

  3. Why bother with the disaster planning when the world is supposed to end on Saturday anyway? Anyone remember that Six Feet Under episode where the inflatable dolls floated up and that lady thought it was the Rapture?

  4. Dang it! I didn't know it was Frog Jumping Jubilee Day and I didn't get to hop about everywhere!

    You should have told me sooner.

    What can you really do during an Earthquake? The safest place to be, in my opinion, is OUTside where fewer things can fall on you. Then you just have to worry about the ground opening up under your feet and swallowing you.

  5. Doug- Most guys named Ray are "special". You know the type.. Me, I'm hoping I just make it out alive.

    Bryan- Because adults always want to run the show. We never want to be the indians, always the chief.

    Lolamouse- I work in a prison. How many people there do you think will actually disappear if the rapture comes? It will be business as usual.

    Chanel- You need to start checking earlier in the day, dear. And the problem with being outside here is that this place is riddled with old mine shafts. If there's a big one, we're all moving underground quickly. The express elevator to the basement, as it were.

  6. Well in that case you're screwed either way, so you should just start taking a flask of your favorite booze to work so you can have a last drink before you sink into the dark recesses of the underground. But only drink it when you feel the earthquake and you know you can't get away. If it comes down to it, run away from the prison and leave the inmates to fend for themselves.

  7. By the by, no esquad was called to sit on their thumbs in the making or recreating of this emergency. Had this been a real emergency, and the esquad were called in, someone may really have gotten hurt. The higher ups decided calling in the squad wouldn't have helped much in a fake short hour emergency.

  8. Chanel- If I thought I could get away with it, I would. And if something happens, staff will be my first priority and the my family back home second. The inmates will come a sorry last on my list.

    Vinnie- There was some talk about making those of the e-squad who were there a call in 'on paper' so they can use it as training or something. Perhaps I just got bad intel. It happens, eh?