Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mad, Just Mad

I'm so mad. Just freaking pi**ed. I missed it!

I found out just the other day via this article that there has been a national pun-off competition going on for the last 34 years and I have missed them all!

And the last one was just freaking last Saturday!

Oh, the humanity!

Puns have been my favorite form of humor most of my life. Even before I really knew what they were. One of my favorite authors, Spider Robinson, uses some horrible horrible puns in some of his books and I love them. There have been times that I had to throw the book down and run screaming from the room, some of them have been so bad.

And to think there have been punsters, paronomasiacs to be exact, gathering in the same place for the last 34 years to test their skills against one another..... Oh! I'm still peeved that I didn't know about it much sooner.

Of course, I'm going to have to go next year. And I'll have to take the Watcher along with me. He's one of the few who can out-pun me on a regular basis.

If you'd like to know more about the competition, go here and check out their website. I'm sure it will make you groan in dismay or delight, depending on your sense of humor.

And just because I have tossed in so many links tonight, here's one more just for the halibut.

And now on to the calendar before I get smacked. Saturday's celebrations are National Hamburger Day (for which I will gladly pay you Tuesday), Slugs return From Capistrano Day, International Jazz Day, Julia Pierpont Day, and the Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day.

Okey dokey.

Sunday will be End Of The Middle Ages Day, the Indianapolis 500, Rogation Sunday (It's apparently a Catholic thing), and Rural Life Day.

And Monday will be My Bucket's Got A Hole In It Day. Dear Liza, dear Liza...., Loomis Day (you got me) and Memorial Day. Not just a day for shopping, folks! Remember those who fought and died for our country! All of them!


  1. I'm so glad you reminded me! I've got to put holes in my buckets this weekend!

  2. Piers Anthony wrote a whole series based on puns! The Xanth novels. Have you read them?

    Probably not.

    But they're pretty funny.

    I'm sorry you missed the pun thing, but there's always next year! And on the bright side, you have a whole year to prepare for it.

  3. I love a good pun myself. But I find their difficult to come up with inorganically. Sometimes when I'm writing, a pun will fit nicely, but if I'm just trying to come up with one for no reason, it doesn't work out well.

    And I never knew the Xanth novels were all about puns. I used to read Anthony, but never read the Xanth series. Maybe I should.

  4. "...just for the halibut" That's a pretty awful pun right there. I love it :)

  5. Sorry about the pun awards. To make up for it, there's an Overlord Award for you over at my site if you're so inclined.