Saturday, April 30, 2011

Impending Inconvenience

The rain has finally stopped here and we have had two beautiful sunny days. And I spent both of them out on the yard. Amazingly enough, I stayed dry for two whole days. That was freaking awesome.

Unfortunately, there is still flooding problems going on down south. They suspended the runs with the inmates going down south to fill sandbags because apparently it's all for naught.

The Army Corps of Engineers wants to blow up a levee and release water into the farmlands below in order to save a slightly larger city the next state over from flooding even worse.

One of the things in the path of that looming flood after the levee is blown is one of our prisons. The Governor tried to stop them from doing it and a federal judge gave them the okay this morning so it looks like it's going to happen.

That means that they are going to have to evacuate a couple thousand level five inmates and spread them all over the state. Rumor control has it that we will be getting a couple hundred of them.

Some people are pretty nervous about this. Inmates and staff both.

I don't see why. We have level fives on our camp right now. Not a whole lot, but a few. It's going to be a pain in the butt, but they are just more inmates. Nothing more, nothing less.

If they behave themselves, we will get along fine. If they act like snapholes, we will send them to the Hive and they can do their time there until their prison gets cleaned up again. No big deal.

But it is definitely going to be inconvenient. We are preparing to re-open one of the housing units that we closed down and move them in there. It will short us on staff because we will have to staff that house when we didn't before. It will probably suck at least five officers and a Sergeant for each shift. And we don't actually have any to spare right now.

I actually hope this doesn't come true, but I'm afraid it will. I have had a feeling of impending inconvenience all week.

We'll weather it. If nothing else, it may give me something to write about next week. That will be good.

I went ahead and updated the calendar all the way through the weekend last night. I'm not sure why I did that, exactly. I suspect I was tired and not thinking correctly.

But it gives me an early out tonight.

Have a good weekend and be safe.


  1. I'm no expert on things like this, but flooding farm land to save a small city seems like a pretty dumb idea.

    Farms grow food.

    Those farmers will lose their crop and lose money, and then maybe there will be a food shortage.

    Also, massive transport of dangerous prisoners seems like a pretty bad idea, too.

  2. I take it this "level 5" thing is one of those cases where things get worse not better when the numbers go up.

    By the way, why does the guilt with murder get less as you go up in degrees, but the severity of burns gets worse? Are they trying to confuse people?

  3. Chanel- From what i heard, it's a pretty crummy city anyway.

    Bryan- level 5's are the most dangerous types of knuckleheads. And i suspect you are just trying to confuse me. And it's working.