Friday, April 22, 2011

Feeding Frenzy

Since I rarely if ever eat the state food, I usually pack a good sized lunch. The state food is usually bland and unappetizing and fit only for inmates. I often refer to it as Purina Inmate Chow.

I'll usually pack enough to get me by and a couple of extras in case I get held over for a double. You just never know when that's going to happen.

The wife keeps me well supplied with things to take for dinner. On hand we almost always have sandwich fixin's, leftovers and frozen stuff like microwave hamburgers and hot pockets and burritos and the like. Once in awhile she fixes me something special to take so the other guys will be jealous. I like to brag about her cooking when I get the chance.

Today I brought two microwave cheeseburgers, three bottles of water, a pop tart, three miniature candy bars, a small bag of chips, a strawberry yogurt and a snack cake of some sort. It was just the usual fare.

When I got in Sausage had brought two boxes of fried chicken from the gas station by his house. He brought enough for me and him and Sgt Uncle T. We chowed down on the chicken and saved a few pieces for Lt Farmer. It was pretty good chicken. Real crispy on the outside and tender and completely done on the inside with lots of flavor. It's making me hungry again just writing about it.

I guess I need to be nicer to Sausage, since he feeds me now and then. But he is such a goof, sometimes.

When I was getting done with my Del Norte walk a few hours later I passed through the sally port and Model A popped open the window and passed out a pizza box.

"Here! Have some pizza! Sgt Puddle sent down a whole pizza and we had all we could eat already! Finish it off!"

There were three or four slices left. Pepperoni. Mmmm! First chance I got I wrapped them in a few paper towels and stuck them in my pocket so I could ditch the box.

Got back to the shack and for the first time tonight I was completely alone for a few minutes. Stuck the pizza in the microwave and heated it back up and got dinner all over again.

The only thing I touched in my lunch box tonight was the water. Drank all of that. The rest is going back in the fridge or the freezer. I'll bring it again tomorrow and see how it works out.

I think next week I may have to bring in some food for everybody else. Well, not everybody. You know what I mean.

Friday is National Jelly Bean Day, Good Friday (aren't they all?), and Earth Day.

I wonder if Jelly Beans are recyclable?


  1. getting fed more than once on a shift makes it a good day.

  2. Your dinners are very large. I couldn't eat that much. And THREE candy bars? Do you generally share those? Next time you should share the candy bars as dessert.

    Purina Inmate Chow...that made me laugh. I'd say I feel sorry for them, but they kind of DID bring it on themselves, didn't they?


    Sometimes I'll make a really yummy dinner and then send the leftovers to work with Padawan so he can brag to his coworkers. Guys like to brag about food.

  3. I like your description of good fried chicken. I know exactly what you're talking about. Good chicken can be hard to come by. I hate when it's chewy and tasteless on the inside, which tends to happen if they cook it frozen without thawing it first. Even worse when it's hard and dry, which results from overcooking, I believe.

  4. Just so you know, I made you an Overlord, too.

  5. Joe- I'm already needing to lose weight. That wasn't helping, even if it was yummy.

    Chanel- The extra stuff is in case I get held over. I don't eat anywhere near that much. But then, I usually only eat once a day. And yes, we do like to brag about the food we get, among other things..

    Bryan- It was better than KFC, which has really gone downhill of late. Some of the best gas station fried chicken I have ever had.

    Chanel- Thank you! Buh wah ha ha! That was supposed to be an evil laugh. Now the world is mine!!