Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This is what we carry at work. 3.1oz Top Cop pepper spray. It's a 10% OC solution that measures out at around 2 million scoville units.

To read about scoville heat units, go here.

The new Top Cop Mark 5 which will be available (hopefully to us) soon, will measure out at 5.3 million scovilles.

Some pretty hot stuff.

They just came up with a new pepper that they say is the hottest in the world. In Australia someone has cross-bred peppers and come up with one called the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T. It rates at about 1.46 million scovilles.

You have to wear gloves when handling the peppers or your hands will burn for two days and you have to wear a respirator when cooking with the raw peppers to protect your lungs.

I imagine if we distilled those bad boys down and put them in a spray form we could get some serious crowd control going on.

I've had quite a bit of this Top Cop stuff on me and it's not very pleasant. It will burn your bits and if you leave it on your skin too long it will blister you. You can live with it on you, but it makes things like going to the bathroom quite inconvenient and uncomfortable.

We're about due to get some new stuff any time now. It's only good for about three years then we have to replace it and usually we end up getting something different every time. Hopefully we will get the Mark 5 cans.

Yeah. Show me your attitude. I'll show you my pepper spray. We'll see who wins.

Thursday is National Pecan Day. It is also International Moment Of Laughter Day. Let's see.... what could we do funny with pecans to make this work?


  1. That stuff sounds scary. Why does pepper spray need to be so hot? Wouldn't just a little bit o hawtness put a man down? I'm just sayin...

  2. Brent- The stuff we have right now actually isn't hot enough. It's a pretty good deterrent, but I would prefer something that they would only ever need to experience once. I've been in a couple of tussles with inmates that weren't effected by it at all. Or not much, anyway. Then things get scary. Sure, if you are calm and not expecting it, even mild pepper spray will drop you to your knees. But when you are highly agitated and your adrenaline is flowing it takes something much stronger.

  3. I have pepper spray! It's in a yellow can and my marine bestie gave it to me for protection when he joined the Marine Corps. My grandfather was looking at it and accidentally shot himself in the eye with it. He said it was very effective.

    But I knew that already.

    I won't give you any attitude because I don't want to be at the receiving end of the pepper spray.

  4. I am rightfully schooled. I now know that I need to be sufficiently agitated to survive pepper spray. Check.

  5. Chanel- Keep it handy, but away from Grampa. The stuff works good. And i don;'t think I would spray you even if you gave me attitude.

    Brent- I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. Adrenaline can overcome alot of things. Temporarily.