Monday, April 4, 2011

Didn't Get Enough!

Took the day off today, as I had to take the wife in for oral surgery. Things went as well as could be expected. Just trying to keep her drugged until the pain goes away now.

And not at all looking forward to when I have to go myself later on this year. Nope.

So instead I'll bring you the result of something I started last week. I was out on the yard watching the yammerheads go down for mainline when I noticed alot of bits of paper on the ground. Curious, I picked a couple of them up and it seemed to be a note, torn to shreds.

I couldn't tell what kind of note it was, but since whoever had spent the time to rip it into such small pieces it must have been either important or infuriating. So I decided it might be worth my time to pick up the bits and see what the note said.

After I got home and dumped all of the bits out of my coat pocket I spent the better part of an hour putting them back together with tape. Obviously I didn't get all parts because this is what I ended up with:
Some of those bits are inferred, because I couldn't find any other place to fit them.

But it's obviously a love note because of the signature:

Ah yes, the weird little pentagram heart thingy. I've seen it before. Back in fifth or sixth grade, I think. They probably think they invented that.

From what I can read of the note, there seemed to be some friction (and not the good kind) between the two. Somebody slappd somebody who slappd somebody else. There's alot of talk about how they "fell" about each other. Not how they fell for, how they fell about.

That last bit was hard to write. I'm so OCD about my freaking spelling, it's hard to write things wrong on purpose.

There was another signature on a different bit of paper. I assumed that it was at the top, maybe the part that was supposed to show when the note was folded up. Who knows?
Ah, spring. And love is in the air. It just makes me feel so mushy inside. ((sigh))

So Tuesday is Go For Broke Day. After handing out three grand to the dentists, I think I'll just declare it Broke Day and go with that. Go for it!


  1. my good wishes to the missus for a swift recovery. Oral surgery hurts like hell, I had all 4 wisdom teeth out at once and my head throbbed for a week.

  2. (((hugs))) and a speedy recovery to Mrs. DaRev.

    Haha they probably still spell than I do!

  3. Joe- She's feeling much better today. Got a ways to go yet but she got to eat some mac-n-cheese today. Yay for solid food!

    Sunday- Thank you. She's on the mend! And that last sentence really threw me there for a sec. Silly rabbit!

  4. Better* 5 am on my blackberry, what can I say, we foster kids aren't known for our stellar educations. I hate when that happens.

  5. Oh, your poor wife! Does she get to eat a lot of ice cream and smoothies because she can't eat solid food? I hope so. It's the only good thing that comes out of mouth surgery.

    That heart and pentagram says "Him." That's a band, not a sign of love. Wonder why that is relevant?

  6. Chanel wins. I was so excited to comment that I knew that symbol is used by a band called HIM. They're gothy-metally, not very good. Those kids must have really known what's what.

    I've seen your comments around. Thought I'd take a look at your space. I'll be back. I hope your wife feels better.

  7. Sunday- You got your name and my name right, it's all that matters. (grin)

    Chanel-she was bone tired of eating soft foods because that was all she got to eat for almost two weeks.

    And I had seen that heart pentagram thingy around for years. Didn't know it was a band. Went and looked at one of their videos. Meh. I could leave it, I think. Have no idea why it was on the note. Just thought it was cool, I guess.

    Brent- I didn't care much for HIM either once I went and looked. Soft fluffy gothy foam. Glad you stopped by. You are welcome any time. And you gotta get up pretty early to beat Chanel most days.