Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Not here, thank goodness. We're high enough up from the major sources of water that i think we're fairly safe. But some places down south of us are getting hit pretty hard by all this water.

This afternoon, right after I came in today, they loaded twenty five of our inmates into the big gray bus and drove them about two hours south to a place where there's a breach in one of the levees to fill sandbags and help control the flooding.

I hear in the morning they are taking out another group.

At least the rotten little knuckleheads will get a chance to do something productive for a change. Something to help other people, rather than just themselves.

Of course, the whole deal wasn't without extra drama and a general sense of cluster-fuc*yness. People running in and out and the phones ringing off the hook wanting this and that and radio calls all over the place and people wanting extra radios and keys and maybe they wanted this and maybe they should take that....

Good grief.

Captain Crane was in charge of the operation and he was trying to manage everything to death before it even got started. The man probably has an ulcer bigger than he is. I'll bet it has it's own parking space.

They finally got the inmates loaded up and left, thank goodness. And we could continue on with the job of running a prison again.

I'm more than willing to bet we'll get to go through it all again tomorrow. Whee...

And tomorrow is KISSfan's last day with the department. It's kind of a sad thing. I'm going to miss hearing him on the radio almost every night. He sounds like a beatnik when he's on the radio out in the P-car. Kind of a staple around here. We'll miss him.

So Thursday is Great Poetry Reading Day and Kiss-Your-Mate Day. I'm guessing my latest song won't count for great poetry. It's also Take Your Kid To Work Day.

I just don't think that's gonna happen. Got no kids, for one thing. Wouldn't take them there if I did. Well, maybe just one way....


  1. Kiss your mate day...check.

    Bring your kid to work day...I'm actually taking Choo Choo to work tomorrow and she can hang out in B.R. with B.B. so she's not bored or lonely.

    And I think it's a good idea to have the inmates help with the levees. Put them to work!

  2. Chanel- Well, I'm sure Choo Choo is more well behaved than most people's kids.

    And frankly, I think the inmates should work like that all the time. But that's just me.