Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Hatefuls

Jeez. If it wasn't bad enough being stuck up in the comm room again when I know I'll have to be there tomorrow too, everybody seemed to have a case of the hatefuls today.

Yes, I know it's hot up there. Can't you see me sweating even though there are fans blowing everywhere? No, they haven't turned the A/C on yet and no, I don't know why. But I got lots of people who came up to my window and said "Jeezus Gawd, why do you have it so hot up here? Why don't you turn on the A/C?"

At that point I just slapped myself in the head and replied "Because I'm a moron, obviously! They put me in this little freaking cage because I'm too stupid to know it's freaking hot up here!"

You only had to be up there for minutes at best, picking up or turning in your crap. I had to be up there for six hours. And every time I tried to get a break somebody else would be coming in or out and needing keys or a radio.

Thank the (insert favorite deity here) that I had two hours out in the P-car where I could drive around with the windows open and cool off for awhile.

I wonder what they would do if i brought in a hammer and chisel and made my own window?

Yeah, I know....

The whole deal ended up giving me a pretty good headache. The only thing holding the top of my head on was my hat. Spent the last two hours up there working in the dark. It was a little difficult to see, but it made my head hurt less.

And I get to do it all again tomorrow. I am so lucky....

Wednesday is Blame Somebody Else Day. I'm going to find somebody to blame besides me. It is also Thomas Jefferson Day. But I don't think it would do me a bit of good to blame Thomas Jefferson.


  1. Blame Benjamin Franklin. It is appropriate on all counts.

  2. After that incident with the Buddha statue the proctologist told me I wasn't aloud to insert my favorite deity anywhere anymore.

  3. Chanel- He'd just laugh about it anyway...

    Bryan- I can't even read your comment without giggling. No wonder everybody says you walk funny!