Monday, April 25, 2011


It's been raining here quite heavily off and on for days now. It's really starting to cause some major problems.

Aside from power outages from the lightning, we are starting to get flooding in some of the steam tunnels and the drainage system can't take the amount of water flowing into it every single day.

The corner down by zone 10, right behind the Hive, is flooding out and that road may get washed out at any time. And it seems, from the radio reports I have heard, that it's making doing the Del Norte walk pretty interesting. St Francis was doing the walk tonight and asked if we had any pontoons or kayaks available.

I don't know. Didn't sound like a good sign to me.

Apparently there was some major flooding under the power plant today and they almost had to shut it down. And having 2500+ inmates without hot water to bathe with for any length of time gets ugly quick.

We are getting low on staff as well. When the waters rise alot of our people are unable to make it in to work because of road closings and low water bridges and the like. And today the Governor declared a state of emergency and any of our people who are in the National Guard are going to be disappearing for awhile.

Tango Jay had to leave early tonight for two reasons. One: his Guard unit got called out and he had to report. And Two: The water was up to his back porch and he had to go evacuate his family. I hope him and all the little Jays are all right and I hope he's careful out there dealing with the flood. Of course, after two tours in Iraq if he gets killed by a flood I will never speak to him again.

There's probably at least a dozen more people we will be losing in the next couple of days back to the Guard and maybe a dozen that won't be able to make it in at all.

I think we should gather up all this water and pipe it down to Arizona and New Mexico where they are having all those wildfires and let them have it.

First chance I get to move, I'm going to higher ground.

So Tuesday is Richter Scale Day and National Pretzel Day. Also, for your enjoyment, it is Hug An Australian Day and Audubon Day. Sheesh!

It's also supposed to rain some more tomorrow. Joy.


  1. Meanwhile, we're getting just about the right amount of rain to keep things growing. Thanks for keeping so much of it down there.

  2. This is scary. Flooding scares me. This is why I live in Denver. When the coasts flood with arctic melt water, I'll be glad I live at a high altitude.

  3. Pipe it down to Texas! We've got lots of fires of our own burning out here. Last week there was a fire in South Austin! I'm in North Austin, so you can imagine my horror.

    Flooding can suck big time for the people who have homes that are damaged. I hope you and your family stay safe.

    And "Of course, after two tours in Iraq if he dies in a flood I'll never speak to him again" made me laugh. :)

  4. Hope you stay safe and dry. We've had a near record breaking rain for months, but surprisingly little flooding or landslides.

    Meanwhile Texas burns.

  5. Donna- I'm glad it's working out for you, cos' it's getting ugly down here.

    Brent- Someplace high is starting to look better and better. Some day if you see a boat coming to your door it might be me.

    Chanel- Send me up a long hose and it's all yours. I'll even send along the 18" of water from my basement. Yuck.

    Critter- I'm surprised and pleased you haven't flooded again this year.