Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sick Day Post

Maybe I should go see a doctor about this one day. Got another one of those dizzy spells like I had a few months ago.

Fortunately I was still at home so I didn't have to call anybody to come get me. And I didn't have to get helped out like an invalid. That was embarrassing.

There isn't any warning. Just all of the sudden wham! The room is spinning and I get all nauseous. Very strange and disconcerting.

But it's only the second time it's ever happened. Hopefully it won't happen again.

But what the hell. I got over six hundred hours of sick time saved up so I guess it won't hurt to use a days worth.

I'll be back tomorrow.


  1. My mom had that happen to her and I had to help her out of bed and take her to the ER. They thought it might have been a stroke. After an MRI, an EKG, a cat scan and a couple days in the hospital...nothing! They never figured out what was wrong. Doctors!

  2. Last time that happened to me, I found out I was pregnant! Could there be a lil' rev on the way??? I can see it now...he'll come out smokin' a menthol and calling the doctor a "wobblehead mother f-er"! Seriously, you should go get checked out.

  3. I'm odd and Webmd everything before I do anything... or google... But hey thats just me... Doctor might be a smart way to go if it happens again... then again... It could be something with the inner ear? Doesn't that cause both dizziness and nausea? If I remember correctly I think it does... but don't quote me!

  4. Misty- That's what I'm afraid of. All those expensive tests and no results.

    Peggy Sue- No, no kids. No more kids ever. Never ever ever. And sure as hell not from me. I loved the visual, tho. Gave me the giggles.

    Guy- You post enough puke pics for the rest of us. Those make me gag.

    Tori- I have had some inner ear damage before, so I'm fairly sure that's what it is. Most likely it's something I'm just going to have to learn to live with. There goes my dreams of a high wire career!

  5. Good to find another fun read.

    Hope you get better soon, and I'm with The Guy Who Writes This, ha ha!

  6. They only let us accrue 299 hrs, I've been sitting there for 3 yrs give or take an hour or two for appointments.

    They won't let us give any hours to someone whose got a serious health issue which I think stinks.

  7. Chilean Woman- have you seen the pics Guy puts up for his sick day posts? Bleagh!

    Critter- Just one of the very few benefits of working for the state.