Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Decisions.... Decisions....

I stopped on Friday to check my mailbox at work. I try to do that about once a week, just in case there's any important mail in there for me.

Of course the fact that there hasn't been any mail in my box for months doesn't make me stop checking it. Just in case.

No news is good news, right?

At any rate, I stopped and checked just in case there was something in there before I went on my weeks vacation.

And Glory Be!

There was something in my mailbox! I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.

Are you noting just a hint of sarcasm here? Good. Just checking.

It was a notice that I had shotgun training. On Wednesday, September 15th!

Which is/was today. Just in case you were unsure of the date.

Right smack in the middle of my vacation. Well, as you can imagine, that just didn't sit too well with me. I talked to Lt Gerber, as he was on the books that day but he was a little busy and told me to call him later.

So I waited until later on in the evening and called him again. He hemmed and hawed around a bit about it and I just said "Look, Lt. If it's going to be a hassle, I'll just go ahead and come in for the dang training. It's not that big a deal." And it wasn't really. A couple of hours. Not like I was losing a whole day or had to drive real far. Hell, I'm only 15 minutes away.

It was the principle of the thing, you see.

But the LT said "No, dang it. Have a good vacation, dude. We'll reschedule the training for later."

He really did call me "dude". I like that about him.

So I woke up this morning and remembered what day it was. And I really really thought about getting dressed and going in for the shotgun training anyway, just to mess with them. Just to make them give me back a little of my vacation time.

But then I remembered that part of the reason I was taking a vacation was that I had too many hours and needed to burn some before I lost them. So I said "To hell with that." and went back to sleep.

I guess it wasn't that hard of a decision after all.


  1. Good decision. I hate when meetings, which are usually classified as mandatory, fall on my days off.

  2. Just Plain Tired- When I had Friday Saturday off they were good about scheduling things on Fridays. They'd do it to me about once a month.