Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cut Off At The Knees!

It was a bad thing. A real bad thing.

Not like a "somebody had to go to the hospital" thing, but more like a "Hear that flushing sound? That's someones morale going down the crapper" thing.

And that is never a good thing.

From where I was, it went down like this:

I was up in the 3 house bubble, doing as well as expected. We were short handed, just me and Grasshopper and Miz Archer. No big deal, we handled it. Miz A was a regular and knew how the place ran and had everything well in hand.

Something with count was screwy and chow ran late and we ended up not getting yard until after 6:30. Usually they open at 6:00. And with the season changing the yards close earlier and earlier every day. Sgt Bumblebee had A-side and was handling things very well from what I could see.

Rule of thumb for closing the yards: the way I was told, if you stand in the middle of the yard and you cannot see the outer fence, it's time to close the yards. That means it's dark enough to start interfering with your vision. That's the way I was taught and Bumblebee was told the same thing.

So about 7:35 Sarge B looks out and can't see the outside fence. He calls and closes the yards. Two seconds later Captain Jabba gets on the radio and says "Leave the yards open." No explanation, of course. He's the captain and can do what he wants. But what he just did was effectively and publicly cut Bumblebee off at the knees on the radio in front of the whole camp.

For no good reason other than he wanted to.

So in one sentence he reduced what was a pretty good Sergeant who showed up most of the time and at least tried to do his job effectively to someone who probably won't show up for the next few days and have a crappy attitude when he does. I tried to cheer him up a little but I don't think it helped much.

Good freaking job, Cap!

All we have inside is each other. We are all we can count on in here. And you just reduced that number by one.

And if you ever have to call for assistance, you probably better hope that Bumblebee isn't the closest help available. Because he just might not hear you.


  1. Sadly Rev, in public or private companies, that's just the way it is. Someone who gives a hoot is trying to do a good job and like the highest nail, they get hammered down.

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  3. Poor guy. I feel for him. Totally uncool move on the boss' part.

  4. Joe- S'truth. Most of the really "on" people here who are really good at their job end up getting fed up and quitting. Most of the ones who get to go up the ladder are suckups and sycophants.

    Misty- It's going to take awhile to get Sarge back up to snuff. That Captain was transferred from his last camp because he was harassing staff. Looks like he's bucking for another transfer.