Saturday, September 4, 2010

Situational Awareness

Or the lack thereof, as it were.

I'm going to have to get out of this utility gig and into someplace regular where I can remember who I am and who I am talking to. It seems I can't remember from day to day.

Tonight I was in eight house. They were locking one of ours up from the yard and sent him down to pack his property. I figured I owed my old crew a heads up so I called Sgt LB and said "You know we're locking one up from six house?"

When the inmate was ready I got on the radio and said "47 to B-yard, need an escort from seven house to medical and then to the Hive."

When I got outside with the cuffed inmate and wondered where the yard dawg was, it suddenly hit me what I had said. So I got back on the radio and said "Be advised that was Housing Unit Eight." And the yard dawg wandered up from seven house where he had been looking for an inmate in cuffs.

Last night I called 74 (wobblehead yard) instead of 75 (outside workers yard) to tell them the laundry workers were coming back into the yard.

And when I worked the wobblehead yard I kept trying to call the laundry CO to tell him he had workers at his gate and he wasn't answering. After a few times Little B from the control center called me and told me to go to channel two on the radio. And when I did he explained that laundry was 78, not 76 (medical) which I had been calling.

To which I replied "10-4, sir! I'm an idiot. Thank you!"

And of course when someone tells you to go to channel two everybody else in the camp does so as well so they can listen in. I'm pretty sure I heard a camp-wide snicker over that one.

Ah, well. At least I can be entertaining, at times.

I just hope when and if a time ever comes and I have to say something really important, that I'll be able to remember where the hell I'm at. I don't want me or someone else to get thumped because I sent everybody running to the other end of the camp by mistake.

Too many numbers to remember. I need to find a home, I guess.


  1. ha, no worries my fin, lil mistakes are fine and dandy.

  2. punch that munchkin, and keep on rollin

  3. Chucky- Like I said, at least I can be entertaining at times. Ah, well.