Monday, September 13, 2010

The Search For Rain Gear

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find good rain gear around this place. And I'm not talking at the prison or in my house.

I'm talking about this whole freaking town.

Three towns, if you want to get particular.

After that last big storm out on the yard I figured it would be in my best interest to locate me a good pair of rain pants. Something that would cover the tops of my boots and my lower legs and help keep me a bit dryer.

In case anybody asks, Wal-Mart sucks. And two Wal-Marts suck twice as much. I know, I went to both of them. The only thing they had in the way of black rain pants (that being the only color I can wear at work) were M/L sized ones that would have fit someone three times my width. They looked like someone had cut up and old inner tube and stitched it back together to fit a Sumo wrestler.

I couldn't have worn those if I tried.

So I went to the hardware superstore across the street. They had bright yellow slickers and bright green rainsuits.

But nothing in black.

Then I went to the local cowboy supply place. Same story there. Bright green, yellow and orange.

But nothing in black.

So I cruised over to the other cowboy supply place on the other side of town.

They had some in black. They were bib-types and were big enough you could have put two rodeo clowns in there and it would still have been pretty funny. Like one of those big striped barrels. Except black.

I was just about to leave when I looked over at their biker rack. They have a small selection of clothes and gear for the cowboy motorcyclist in us all. And it was almost all in black.

Hey, rain gear! Yay! Nice stuff, too. I tried a few of them on and believe it or not, I fit into a size small. Even over a pair of BDU pants. They must have some big bikers around here.

The pants were nice.... pockets, reinforced in the butt and knees. Waterproof.

And sixty dollars.

Well, snap.

So I guess I get to save up my allowance and hope it doesn't rain again any time soon.

Maybe next year I'll manage to stay dry out on the yard.


  1. Anything having to do with motorcycles costs ten times what it's worth. It's the same for John Deere tractors, in case you wondered. Pity those of us who have need for both brand items.

  2. That sounds like my trying to find a pair of coveralls that fit! What an adventure!

  3. I know I bought rain gear at Gander Mountain a few years ago and they had black I'm pretty sure. What I'm not sure of is how much money I laid out for it. Old age.. and stuff, catching up to me I guess.

  4. Don't be tall and portly. I can't buy raingear that fits. And Donna's right, anything that says "motorcycle" gets a VAT added.

  5. Who would have thought buying a simple pair of rain pants would be such a problem? If I were back in Oregon I could get a pair at the corner 7-11 for criminy sakes!

  6. Do we need to start up a Rev Rainsuit Charity? :) If you want some dry weather, come on out here. We have plenty.