Friday, September 24, 2010

I Don't Want To Be A Backseat Driver

Sounds like things are heating up again down in the Hive. At least with one knucklehead, anyway. He spit on Windows the other night and this evening he threw a cup of an "unknown substance" that he claimed to be a bodily fluid on LB, Drew and another officer.

Why he is still in one piece I do not know. I wasn't there. By my own choice. I elected to get out of there while I could.

But as soon as I heard about the incident (third hand, of course) my mind was full of "Well, I would have...." and " They should have...." and "Why didn't anybody..."

And I stopped myself. That was the same crap I used to get from the lieutenants and captains every time I got in a use of force. Not gonna go there.

Once I figured out that everyone was okay, then I just left it alone. It's their baby now and most of the time I am half a camp away.

Of course if they call for help, I'm going to be on my way and you better clear the sidewalks because I don't stop or maneuver very well when I get to running.

I'd love to be on point when somebody finally decides this punk needs a lesson taught to him. The way he's going I'm sure it will come.

That is one good thing about not being assigned to the Hive anymore. If they decide to send in a team with or without the shield, I'm available. My day will come. If not with this knucklehead, then with the next one.

On the down side of this day, it was Peggy Sues last day and I didn't get a chance to see her off to her new job. I'm sure glad she stopped yesterday and gave me a hug. Gonna miss that girl like crazy. But I'm sure she's gonna be super in the new position. And it's real warming to know she's still in our corner.

We can only get better with backup like that.

We will miss you Super Lady. Come around and visit when you can.


  1. He's been pulling this all week. I squished him pretty hard against the back wall and the bunk. LB and I got back from having our blood tests at about 1 this morning. Cpt. said to go on home and we'll worry about the paperwork tonight. I'll be sure to bring my good crayons today.

  2. What kind of "legal" punishment can you give this guy? I would be livid.

  3. Drew- Sounds like you did what was necessary at the moment. I always tended to get a little worked up when something like that happened. Good luck with the paperwork....

    Misty- 'Legally' all we can do is hope that the DA presses the case and gives him more time. I believe five to ten more years is the norm. On the other hand, I'd like to see him walking funny for the next couple of months. That sort of thing gets under my skin quickly.

  4. I'm so glad I stopped the other night, too. My last afternoon was so hectic, I got caught up front talking to the admins. You know I'll come back to visit as often as I can. I'll miss you all so much. You made the last 4 1/2 years a blast. The best time I've had in the department so far. I met my new crew yesterday. They're actually really pretty cool people. Believe it or not, they have the same twisted sense of humor as the rest of us!! I felt right at home! (even in my girl clothes!)